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"Catfish" Analysis. This documentary was made by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Both begun filming Nevs life as soon as they sensed a story unfolding in the late 2007.

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Media Text: Catfish 'Catfish' is a story that follows a young photographer Nev Schulman who lives with his friend Henry Joost and his brother Ariel in New York. Oddly an eight-year-old girl named Abby from Michigan sends him a painting of one of his photographs, which she had made by herself. They later become friends on Facebook, which gives him access to Abby's family: her mother Angela, her husband Vince and her attractive older half sister Megan whom he starts a relationship with. As he begins to get to know more and more about Abby's family, there are things, which do not add up and create suspicion amongst Nev, Ariel and Henry. Finally they leave off to Michigan in order to find out the deserved truth. This documentary was made by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Both begun filming Nev's life as soon as they sensed a story unfolding in the late 2007. None of them had the slightest idea that this particular project will lead to the most unsettling months of their lives. All characters in this film are claimed to be real this includes Angela who has been interviewed by ABC's 20/20 and the Los Angeles Times who have spoken with her neighbors and most importantly her family. ...read more.


With Facebook status updates and wall comments used as part of the narrative, the filmmakers merely show a status change, for example Megan becoming single, and it tells a part of the story in a fresh way. The film also shows the influence that technology is having on the documentary film genre. Most importantly the film was made with a few HD camera and a computer. There are a few key scenes in this film, which I believe are the most powerful. Firstly starting off with the initial message from Abby, Nev had received and his reaction to the email and the painting. This begun their long yet not so real friendship but we are able to see how that inspired and intrigued the main character. More importantly as Nev and Megan's relationship developed, he finally got slightly suspicious when Megan's songs to him were not actually hers. We could see the regret in his eyes as he had spent a couple of months messaging and getting attached to someone who he had never even met and the only pictures he had seen of her are the ones posted on Facebook. ...read more.


We as an audience can empathize with her pain as she talks about her dreams which never came true as she sacrificed them for her own family but also personally it made me happy to see such a wonderful turn our of Nev changing her life around. Overall the 'Catfish' even though it was filmed 'accidentally' as the story was unfolding and probably for their own entertainment, it carries a message behind the use of Internet. It displays how influential the Internet actually is particularly Facebook which is also presented in 'The Social Network' as it shows how the social-networking website Facebook was found. One person is able to create fictional characters, which are simply just pictures of accidental people and create plenty of relationships through that. It is extremely dangerous especially for na�ve children who believe in everything they read. In Nev's case he was lucky the woman Angela who was behind all of those people was harmless and was actually sorry for what she'd done. However there are many cases of people starting friendships through Facebook only to discover that the person behind the computer is somebody entirely different. Sadly there are many situations were this ends badly: kidnaps, rapes, killings and numerous more. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nicole Tatara ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

* This essay is far more descriptive that analytical and uses an informal register and few technical terms. It treats the text more like a book than a film, ignoring the impact of documentary codes and conventions on the representations constructed.

Marked by teacher Cath Rowe 13/08/2013

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