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Chicken Run Essay

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Chicken Run Essay In this essay I am going to look at how the film makers of Chicken Run use mise en scene to portray the characters of Ginger and Mrs. Tweedy as good and evil. I am going to investigate how the film makers have used camera angles, costume, lighting, setting, music, sound effects and character interaction to create more meaning for the audience. By using mise en scene it gives the audience clues about the characters and the action in the film. As the film opens the audience can see Mr Tweedy patrolling the farm as if he's a guard keeping watch. He shows all the signs that he's looking for someone or something in particular to happen, he has his torch in one hand and in the other he has the leads of his two vicious guard dogs which drag him about panting and growling, ready to pounce. The film makers have used a padlock as a signifier to symbolise captivity and an extreme close up onto it to intensify the point even more. ...read more.


As the dogs advance Ginger backs away, bumping into a garden gnome, which she lifts up in front of her as if to be used like a sword. The dog bites off the head of the gnome with great force, giving the impression it is not at all frightened. The sound effects used emphasis the dogs aggression as it crunches viciously. This leaves Ginger looking very vulnerable with no where to go. The music then stops again as the door opens. The light glares out from behind Mrs Tweedy, everything goes silent the dogs whimpering and cower down, Ginger gasps and lifts her hand giving us the impression she's defending herself. A high angle shot is taken of ginger, the camera is looking down on her as she looks up. This makes Ginger look small, very isolated and alone. Then there is a low angle shot the camera looks up at Mrs Tweedy, this makes her look very powerful and superior. ...read more.


An extreme close up of her Wellingtons, symbolise army boots marching up and down. They also use her rubber glove being stretched, as a signifier of a threat to hurt someone. An insert camera shot shows the ' egg production record' sheet being pursued by Mrs Tweedy. The tapping of her finger on the sheet lets the audience know she's found her offender. A high angle shot of Edwina showing the fear in her eyes when she realises it is her. The music begins to get louder and more intense as Edwina is taken away. An axe is used as a signifier to symbolise death, the shadow and sound effects also confirm this. A close up shot of a teary eyed Ginger sitting on the roof showing the emotion and the sadness she feels. The sound of the geese and the V pattern symbolising flying home and freedom, make Ginger realise she has to make a great escape. In conclusion the makers of Chicken Run were very successful in using mise en scene to show the good and evil between Mrs. Tweedy and Ginger. Stephanie prosperino ...read more.

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