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Close encounters: Textual analysis on opening scene.First things first what do I think.In fact, there is not that much I can say about the movie. The acting is generally competent

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Close encounters: Textual analysis on opening scene. First things first what do I think. In fact, there is not that much I can say about the movie. The acting is generally competent, and often good, but is never brilliant. The production values are always high, but the film's sets, costumes, and images are never inspired by any noticeable aesthetic sensitivity, but even though I was never particularly moved by the crises of the movie's characters or by the developments of its story, I did enjoy watching it Spielberg does tell an entertaining tale that is capable of holding the viewer's interest throughout its duration. I will even go so far as to say that the director is at his best when he is making simple adventure films like this, Jaws, and the Indiana Jones movies. ...read more.


We are in a desert in Mexico, and a group of investigators arrive; they are trying to speak Spanish, and also interpreting for Lacombe, a French investigator who seems important , so the process of communication is immediately fore grounded. Some American planes have shown up in the desert and they look brand new, even though they are from a flight that disappeared right after World War 2. This vignette is one of several that show up in the story. Later in the movie this team of investigators looks at a tanker ship in the middle of the Gobi desert and tat a group of dharmsala, India who have heard some strange tones from the sky. This team is the friendly Lacombe. After the opening scene, the movie moves to Indiana. ...read more.


He drives home to wake up his family, but they don't find anything. His subsequent talk about UFO and his strange behaviour lead to talk in his town and loss of his job. you are then at a country farm house in the middle of no where no sounds besides natural sounds birds/crickets, there is only a limited amount of light but the light that is being given off is dark blues and blacks. This shot of the house is layered and framed. He is stood in a door way that seems to be light up by a small light, and then what seems to be a can falls and makes a sound then Barry lets out a heart melting giggle. Steven finally lets us see what Barry is seeing an open refrigerator food spilling out every where and that's it. Then suddenly the cat flap starts to move extremely fast as if some thing / some one just went through it. ...read more.

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