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codes and conventions for media studies

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Codes and Conventions: I will be comparing the 4 local newspapers to 1 broadsheet and 1 national tabloid, looking at the level of competition, from the internet TV and radio, and seeking to input the news the public want to feel in the community also the advertising to be to help the needs of everyone. I believe Kilburn Times has a heritage and has a red headline connoting its status of bold, big and classy to 2 local communities Camden and Brent. For my Media project I will be analyzing 4 (national tabloid, and national broadsheet) local newspapers. I will analyze the codes and conventions in order to identify the product efficiently. I intend to publish, The 'Kilburn Telegraph' as part of my observation in forecasting the latest and most recent stories and reports of that particular week. The main features of 'Willesden &Brent Times' are that it has a distinctive colour of red on black, in my analysis I selected four newspapers, one representing red top and one mid-market. ...read more.


The Wembley and Harrow observer were more detailed papers. Whereas with The Wembley observer containing 2 bullet points of the headline to reinforce the story No Jail Term Is Long Enough'. The Kilburn Times headline was '80 thugs on the streets' conveying the negative, shocking and scary aspects of the story be taking up the central page spread. The red colour suggests (importance). The promotion is suite deal furnishers, Jacob's free wine, win tickets to see the yoga show which is not related to the story. Whereas the 'Harrow and Wembley' observer's have a red poppy in memory of the soldiers and a advertisement of �36 million revamp of borough leisure centers planned, and the diwali special is important for the newspaper. Willesden &Brent Times contains one main story which dominates the front page with a small colored image of the victim. It contains white on black usually for headline about the brutal murder of this young boy, the story written in 3 columns, ...read more.


I researched into the 'Observer of Wembley'; this had a lot of colour and many diverse issues about its upcoming society of the 21st century especially with the new arena Wembley stadium. It has a blue heading colour and covered different stories being a larger print newspaper than Willesden and Kilburn times (local newspaper). I will analyze the new opening of Kilburn library, and tourists perception of London at the Marriott hotel, I will speak to a local police officer about crime violence, such as car robbery, anti-social behaviour, burglary, drugs, and gang crime. I will talk to a local MP in Brent asking for their opinion on the new wheelie bins and their opinion on getting more people to recycle to make Brent greener. Finally I want assurance of the health side (Back page) Willesden sports centre, I will mention their current facilities, it's just over a year since it was re-designed (gym, karate hall, indoor badminton, outdoor running, and a swimming pool) I will make a report on findings from my local community. ...read more.

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