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Comment On The Similarities and Differences Between Two Newspaper Articles, On Princess Diana's Visit to Sarajevo

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Abdul Khan W3 ???? Wednesday 29th March 2001 ??? Comment On The Similarities and Differences Between Two Newspaper Articles, On Princess Diana's Visit to Sarajevo In this assignment I am going to compare two newspaper articles about Princess Diana's Visit to Sarajevo. The main purpose of Diana's visit was to meet the victims of landmine. The two articles are from broadsheet newspapers: The Independent and the Daily Telegraph. The Daily Telegraph supports the Royal Family, which means that 'Royalists' will read the news in this paper. The Independent is a company with editor's who are free to write what they will. They are not easily influenced by outside forces. If the Daily Telegraph was to write an article against the Royal family they will not have a large market, which will most probably put them out of business. The article in the Daily Telegraph is very big in the length of the article. The article covers a whole page of the newspaper; this may show the importance of the article, in that the royal family are important and should be recognised. There is also a picture in the middle of the page surrounded by text, the picture covers about forty percent of the page. ...read more.


There is also the picture of one of the men taking a photograph of the princess. As she is in the centre of about twelve men she is also centred in the photograph. The photograph shows that the Princess is not doing what she should be in Sarajevo; which is to show respect for the injured or emotionally hurt victims of land mines. She had just been to the cemetery (same clothes); How could she look so happy after that?!! The caption, which was typed underneath the picture of the Independent reads; 'Snap-happy: French members of the peace keeping force focus on the princess in Sarajevo after her trip highlighting the plight of landmine victims'. The word or phrase 'snap-happy' may relate to that the princess adoring being photographed, though she isn't supposed to be, she seems to be looking very happy. The caption also goes on to read 'highlighting the plight of landmine victims' this is telling the reader that the princess is some what of a hypocrite, she seems to be a very happy woman at that time when the photograph was being taken, when she is in a country which is going through a lot of poverty. ...read more.


He is trying to emphasise that he had a good relationship with Diana; if this is true then that might be the reason why he wrote a positive article. The writer of the Independent's article; Kim Sengupta is very unsupportive towards the Princess. We do not know whether she likes or dislikes the royal family but it was her job to write what she saw in Sarajevo as part of an Independent newspaper company. Both articles are about the same visit, but are very different in size, content, attitude and language. Both articles have concentrated on the same visit to Sarajevo but one is supportive and the other is unsupportive. I believe that the successful article is the Independent, which was written by Kim Sengupta. I am in support of this article because the newspaper company is not in much bother with who reads its newspapers; it is a very independent company. Even though the article is short it expresses a lot of mixed feelings towards Princess Diana of Wales. It is very strong in language and is very clear in text not literally but in a sense of mind; it is easily understandable and in a lot of detail. 2 ...read more.

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