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Compare 2 posters for films of different genres. Comparing: 'The Skeleton Key' and 'Dungeons and Dragons'

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Section 2: Compare 2 posters for films of different genres. Comparing: 'The Skeleton Key' and 'Dungeons and Dragons' 'The Skeleton Key': Horror 'Dungeons and Dragons': Fantasy-Adventure-Action In 'The Skeleton Key' poster there is only one actress who is standing and looking into a key hole (facing the camera). She looks scared but also anxious and worried with tension. She also looks like she intensely desires to know what's behind the Key hole. The woman is wearing dark clothes and jewelry signifying that this film is a horror. She is also wearing sandals which represent that it's a worm time of the year e.g. summer or spring. The setting looks like a normal house. This must mean that the scary parts of this film would probably be mostly in that house since the key hole is there also. In this poster the whole background is black. There is also a key-hole shape on the middle with a woman walking towards it. In the house, it looks like its day time since there's light coming through the windows - this is surprising because this specific gesture code is the opposite of a horror type of film since usually it is typical for the nights to be the most scariest and fearful time of day for most people. The woman is holding a torch and a pole which shows that she is scared of something that might be behind that key hole and that she is planning to go inside since she looks so curious. ...read more.


is what they concluded after reviewing this film. The audience should also identify that this film is generally about the good vs. evil. One of the main characters look like a tough guy because he has a sword in his hand and looks like he's there to fight. The woman in the middle looks like a queen that has the control of people but also looks innocent and as if she doesn't want to be the ruler. The woman on the left looks like she's smart but a worried and troubled sort of woman and the woman on the right look like an evil woman as well as the 2 men at the top who also look dangerous. One of the main characters is black and the other is white. The evil looking woman on the right is black. The rest of the characters on this poster are white. In the 'Dungeons and Dragons' poster it is visible for the audience to see where the protagonists and antagonists are and there are examples of both sides on the poster, whereas in 'The Skeleton Key' poster, there is only one character that looks like a protagonist by her gestures codes of fear. In the 'Dungeons and Dragons' poster there seems to be more confusion with all of the characters, colour and location. The woman in 'The Skeleton Key' poster looks scared and anxious while in the 'Dungeons and Dragons' poster, all of the gesture codes look very different including thoughtful, tough, evil, angry and many more other expressions. ...read more.


Over all these two posters both convey meaning to the audience by eye-catching images, text, colour, objects and many more media - these attract more audience to watch these films and all of these things also let the viewers know what the genres are. The gesture codes are a huge impact on the way the audience reacts to them - the viewer might have a particular opinion on the genre of a film just by looking at an expressed emotion on the poster. Every media on a poster is automatically absorbed by the audience and analyzed in a matter of time, so the production companies have to think allot about how to produce a poster to make people want to see the movie straight away therefore making the movie successful. People can get interested in the film because the posters have information about the film that may be attracting such as the cast - some people go too watch a movie because of all the good actors that it includes, genre - some people go to watch particular genres, writer or director - some people might like a specific writer or director. All of these features are noticeable to the audience in these 2 posters which means that they would attract the audience who like horrors, the writer or Kate Hudson should get attracted to 'The Skeleton Key' and those people that are fans of action, fantasy, adventure, or any of the characters that they can recognize or see in the credit block should be interested in the 'Dungeons and Dragons' movie. ...read more.

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