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Compare an article from both a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet newspaper.

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Media Assignment As part of my media coursework I am going to compare an article from both a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet newspaper. In preparation for this piece of coursework I studied an article about a rugby match that occurred Saturday 9th of May 1998, the papers were then written on Sunday the 10th of May, the subject was based in the Sunday Mirror and the report was on page 61, whereas the broadsheet newspaper the Sunday Times sport Supplement the subject was on the front page, the rugby match was the final of the Tetley's bitter cup so this was a very important match for both teams. The layout of the broadsheet is extremely different to that of the tabloid paper, the broadsheet paper has fifty percent of it filled with a picture, there is a small part with the two teams names and the score at full time, it also shows which individuals scored the points, there is a huge bold print which runs along the page, the rest is a complete match report. I think that all this is important to the reader because the reader will obviously be a fan of rugby and they will want to know what has happened in the match, there is a huge match report which tells us what happened from start to finish, it is very informative. ...read more.


won the game for his team, or he may be the captain, anyways he must of played the lead role in the game or else his name would not be printed as the headline. The headline is in rather small black writing and is very small compared to the broadsheet paper. This type of headline wouldn't have much of an effect as it is quite small and I don't think that it would stand out from other papers if you were walking past it. When we read the broadsheet newspaper, not only do we get information about this specific game but we also get some information about previous happenings such as the teams history it says that the Saracens had matched a previous record for a cup final already set by Bath in 1990, it says that the Saracens would win the "cherished double" if they win there next game, there is then three or four columns explaining what happened in the match, it gives detailed description and makes the game sound really exciting, "he found is path blocked as he sniped into midfield, swivelled on his heel and delivered a perfect diagonal kick into touch deep in the Wasps 22." I have highlighted the descriptive words of this sentence because I think that they make it sound very realistic and makes it seem as if you are actually watching the match. ...read more.


The tabloid paper differs a great deal it is aimed at a more open minded person who likes all sport because it is short and snappy, it sticks to the point and it is accurate about the key points, he also tells us about the record which the Saracens had equalled. The article which I would prefer to read would be the tabloid article to a certain extent, I would firstly choose this one because I am not highly interested in rugby but due to the game being the final of the cup then I would definitely read the match report on it, but I would also like to read the broadsheet newspaper because it goes into a lot more detail and explains the match a lot better, it would also give me a chance to learn a few points on rugby. The broadsheet would only be of use to somebody who firstly enjoys rugby and secondly likes to read about it, a person who doesn't like rugby will not want to read about it because they might find it boring. The tabloid article would be enjoyed by people who don't particularly like rugby but don't mind it so they would read this one, but to a keen supporter of rugby the tabloid paper would be of no use as they would find it too short and not explained in enough detail. By Kyle Watson ...read more.

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