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Compare and contrast the codes and conventions of soaps.

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Compare and contrast the codes and conventions of soaps. I will discuss the codes and conventions used in a soap. I will discuss two episodes of mainstream soaps that I know of. I will write about Eastenders and Neighbours. A soap is a television program that is all about people's daily lives and the events that happen. Soaps are ongoing, contemporary dramas. Meaning the plots and storylines are all based on real - life events that can happen to real people. The plot of the soap is held out over the episodes. Soaps can be split into different categories such as, countryside soaps, city soaps, or police soaps. Eastenders being a city soap is fictional drama soap about a small community living in East London. The plot is the main storyline of the program. Currently, the main plot of Eastenders includes Natalie and Paul, Ian Beal and Laura, The Ferreira family and The Slater family. In a recent episode, Natalie Barry's ex wife is starting to fancy Paul who originally planned to kill Barry with Janine. Paul is now guilty and wants to tell her the truth but doesn't know how; he looks at writing letters, speaking to her face to face and comes with no conclusion. We see here how the audience are always kept on their feet, as they are wanting to know if Paul breaks the news and how Natalie will react. ...read more.


The characters that do have some money behind them, like Phil Mitchell and the more fresh face Andy who seem to have acquired it dishonestly. On the contrary however, Neighbours is set in a relatively wealthy area known as Erinsborough in Australia. The majority of the characters live down a single street of this neighbourhood, known as Ramsey Street. Most of the characters seem to be quite well spoken compared to those of Eastenders. Eastenders is more dramatic than Neighbours. It has a lot more serious and controversial storylines where Neighbours is more light-hearted and taken less seriously. Eastenders has a typical British climate but Neighbours is very hot and sunny. Both Eastenders and Neighbours have familiar places in them, but some more than others. For example, in Eastenders the Queen Vic is probably the most well known location, and in Neighbours the Coffee Shop can probably claim the same honour. Both of these are regular meeting places for the characters and some of the most important storylines take place in them, more so the Queen Vic than the Coffee Shop. The Queen Vic is a typical East end local pub and it has its fair share of fights and arguments, along with parties and celebrations. It is usually the place where a lot of bombshells are dropped about characters which often leads to them leaving the programme. ...read more.


I think it suited its audience, as it was nothing too strong and dramatic whereas Eastenders is a soap highly over the top but what its audience would probably enjoy more. Being on at a later time to Neighbours, I think Eastenders is able to cover many more controversial storylines and takes full advantage of that opportunity. Both soaps have quite dissimilar opening and closing sequences. Eastenders has its well-known theme tune along with a rotating map of the river Thames in the centre of London. This has become familiar to us all. Neighbours however, instead of a theme tune as a cheerful song about neighbours, and has photographs of all the characters in groups, seemingly very happy, as if everyone gets on fine and it's a happy neighbourhood. The end sequences of both the soaps are almost exactly the same as its opening sequence. In conclusion, I have established and given reasons that Eastenders and Neighbours are very different soap operas. The main factor are the lengths that Eastenders creators will go to get ratings with storylines that sometimes are beyond belief but can be very real-life related. Whereas Neighbours is more viewer friendly and has similar issues such as Drug abuse, rape, eating disorders, marital affairs etc, but concerning the younger teenage generation. Eastenders is far more controversial and the characters make a huge difference. In Eastenders they tend to be working class and quite common, although in Neighbours they seem to be of a better class and background and the attitude of the characters also seems to be different. ...read more.

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