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Compare and contrast the presentation of the character of James Bond in the two trailers for the movie ''Die Another Day''.

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Compare and contrast the presentation of the character of James Bond in the two trailers for the movie ''Die Another Day''. Almost forty years after the legacy was born, there are certain things you now come to expect from a classic 'James Bond' movie. Fast cars, state-of-the-art gadgetry and beautiful women now seem almost commonplace surrounding the spirit of '007', a charmingly sophisticated, typically cultured British gentleman with a boyish love for anything with buttons or wheels, and his somewhat unique ability to make the majority of his female audience fall weak at the knees with stunning good looks and overused clich�s. Combined with the fact that he is seemingly always able to rise up against all of the unbelievable odds stacked against him, effortlessly surviving spectacular action sequences, death-defying car chases and gun fights without sustaining even a scratch, Bond has, and will always be able to find a place in each and every one of us. Although James Bond is not a real person, the movies based on his character portray a vivid image for the audience. Bond's skill at casino gambling and his knowledge of the best wines, exotic cars and luxurious cigarettes make him an example of a man with "class". From 'Dom Perignon' champagne to Aston Martin sports cars, James Bond defines elegant taste. ...read more.


This gun then fires a bullet and shatters, introducing us to the image of an exotic car speeding across a vast expanse of ice. As this happens, the infamous guitar riff starts playing, revealing to all what purpose the trailer serves. The height and distance the camera is positioned gives the viewer a sense of the speed of which this car is travelling, maybe giving also the impression that Bond is a character who is not afraid to put his own life on the line, or is not afraid to take risks. This point emphasized by the forthcoming fast paced action sequences and explosions from the movie, highlighting Bond's sense of danger and need to live life 'on the edge'. As we reach the end of the trailer, we are shown the very familiar image of Bond walking in the sights of a gun, then turning to fire at the camera, or the apparent threat. As he fires we see ''007'' engraved in ice which shatters into many pieces, leaving a gun with the title of the movie, ''Die Another Day'' written on the barrel. Smoke rising from the barrel is then blown away by what appears to be Bond's ''side-kick'' in the movie; another stunningly gorgeous woman. The smoke blown then turns to ice forming the release date on the screen, maybe highlighting the nature of Bond's alliances with the opposite sex; cold, heartless and unfeeling, maybe even suggesting the power and dominance of women over Bond in this movie. ...read more.


Towards the end of the trailer, we see a very powerful image of Bond slouching easily behind a desk, holding a gun casually in one hand. He says "so you live to die another day", incidentally the title of the movie, in a very relaxed, controlling tone. Here we get a sense of Bond's ability to stay calm in very extreme situations, and it is apparent by the look on his face that he is completely relaxed and in complete control of everything that's happening. This, again, emphasizing he is invincible. Proceeding this to close the trailer, another fast sequence of action and gunfire from the movie ensues, giving the movie a climax before showing the release date and other information to sell the movie to the audience. Again, this sequence gives us as the audience an idea of Bond's presence and his hunger for danger. He is a man who lives on the edge, and every second as if it is his last. The themes and the portrayal of Bonds character are consistent in both trailers, showing Bond to be the immortal, invincible, overindulgent womanizer we have all come to know and love. With numerous fast-paced, adrenalin pumping action sequences, and the endless sexual innuendo and ambiguity, both trailers illustrate to us the character of Bond, and ensuring the legend of Bond is destined to continue for years and years to come. ...read more.

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