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Compare and Contrast the presentational, structural and linguistic features of the two texts

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Laura Pope 10.2 Compare and Contrast the presentational, structural and linguistic features of the two texts Throughout the two articles, there are a variety of different ways in which they relate to each other, although they have unique ways of being effective and successful articles by the presentation, structural layout and the linguistic features. One of the key ways that the Bush article is effective is the way the photograph is placed onto the page. Both, George Bush and Saddam Hussein are facing towards each other giving the impression that they are taunting one another. This is appropriate, as Iraq and the USA have been taunting each other for the past 10 years. ...read more.


Also this suggests warfare and the background colour used in the slogan is a sandy colour, which reminds us of the Middle East. The colour red appears twice in the article, this represents evil which links to both stories as they are serious and tragic. The photographs in the Racist article develop as they continue and become more extreme, the first photo is of a semi-detached house and then they start to show you all of the weapons that he keeps, this relates to him because he is an extremist. Both the articles have a different presentation; they are both individually successful, although the photographs in the Bush article are in colour which would catch the eye of the readers. ...read more.


Short paragraphs would convince the audience to read through the article because it will only take a little time and it is obvious that the story will not drag on. The paragraphs and overall story in the article about David Tovey are longer than the other article. The layout of the pictures in this article is like a story with an explanation underneath each one, in the Bush article, the two large photographs at the top of the page are successful because they will encourage the audience to read on, plotting the main heading in-between the photographs and the story is a unique layout, and it works well because the pictures give you a brief idea of the story before you read the title. Most of the sentences in both articles start with the subject * Sentences start with the subject ...read more.

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