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Compare and contrast the two advertisements, Trade Warehouse and Network Three.

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Compare and contrast the two advertisements, Trade Warehouse and Network Three Trade Warehouse and Network Three aim to entice their viewers to purchase their merchandise. The purpose of the Trade Warehouse advertisement is to encourage people to but their product. It is also inviting people to come to the warehouse for the reason that the advertisement provides directions to the location of the warehouse, where as the Network Three advertisement requests its audience to buy the phone. The purpose of the Network Three advertisement is to manipulate your response to a positive one to make you buy the phone: "They said it wouldn't catch on." This makes you want to change your response to one that will be, 'I think it will last, so I will buy the phone'. Both these advertisements are similar in their purpose as they both try to encourage their audiences to purchase their products. The two-advertisement aim at two types of audiences. ...read more.


It uses a varied amount of fonts to interest the audience to continue watching. On the other hand the Network Tjree advertisement has used a contrast in colour, variety of fonts, different sized text. The contrast in colour i.e white background with black text results in an effective response as it shows the advertisement is simple and easy to understand. It is travelling through man's acquisition of knowledge for experience over the centuries. The text also results in indirect information causing the mind to be prepared to accept the experience over the advanced centuries. The message behind both advertisements is to appeal to their target audiences to purchase their product. This is used in many ways such as photographs. The photographs of the product show the audience more about the product, this will encourage them to buy it due to its features. Trade Warehouse and Network Three both use facts and opinions to express the products. However the former works by introducing discounts, while the latter aims at using more opinions. ...read more.


The language used in both advertisements is similar. The Trade Warehouse advertisement uses short phrases and words: "Wide range" This is so that it captures the viewer's attention to focus on the advertisement. The Network Three advertisement also uses short phrases in the same way, to capture the viewer's attention. The language used in both advertisements in one of persuasion, using rhetorical questions makes this. However the Network Three advertisement uses emotive language, to create a feeling of excitement so the viewer will rush to the buy the phone. The responses both advertisements have on me are different. I feel that the Trade Warehouse advertisement uses a low budget, and the use of a continuous rolling camera is ineffectual. I also feel that the advertisement is simple and needs more effect to it. I find the Network Three advertisement creates more excitement in me; this could be because of the layout and presentation of it or the music that is related to the advertisement. I do not like the phone advertised in the Network Three advertisement but enjoy watching the advertisement. ...read more.

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