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Compare and contrast three government based drink driving campaign posters.

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Kirsty Elizabeth Thomas Exam No. 08059 Centre no. 68810 Poster Advertisement Drink Driving Introduction I have been asked to study three government based drink driving campaign posters, after I have studied all three I must compare and contrast them all. Poster no1- 2001 This poster carries a headline "Great Night Out", the government has used this headline to draw attention to a set audience which is 18 + year olds as "Great Night Out" is a phrase used by people usually when they had been out the night before to pub/club. This is effective as it draws attention to the right audience. The headline is followed by "12 month hangover" this evokes a story behind the text; this is followed by "The drive home cost him his licence and his job". This suggests that like a "Hangover" these were the repercussions and punishments of Drink Driving. The choice of image is very effective as the colour purple has implications of youth and vibrancy, as well as the colour drawing attention to this poster, in the ...read more.


The tone of this poster serious, the fact that it involves the Police makes the public think about the seriousness of Drink Driving also it makes the public think of the consequences of drink driving, this is the effect the government wants it to have on the public. This poster uses shock technique through the heartless words of "accident tonight"; this would stick in the minds of who-ever sees this poster. The image has been cropped to focus on the "police notice" in the foreground and the road in the background; this is a connection between the drivers and the significance of this poster. Poster no 3: - Year 1990 This poster ha been cropped to focus on the little girls face, this evokes sympathy. The fact that the image focuses on the face makes the reader think that the girl who represents vulnerability and innocence has been hurt emotionally or physically, as there is an awareness of loneliness in her eyes. ...read more.


uses vibrant colours of purple, whereas poster no 3 uses a more serious and blunt approach to try and shock the reader into what they are trying to convey. "Accident tonight" is a form of shock technique. Poster no 2 has a different design to the rest as unlike the rest of the posters have text blocks and pictures, this poster is only an image contained inside this image is its meaning. Poster no 1 has a more lighthearted approach, as "great night out" is associated with good times and not bad unlike poster no 2, poster no 2 has blunt approach "accident tonight". Poster no 3 has a totally different approach to both other posters as the technique is different, this poster uses the persuasive technique of sympathy through the little girls sad and lonely face. Also the design is different as the image in this poster is to be focussed on. As you can see through the years the seriousness of these posters have become more emphasised as drink-driving accidents are increasing every year. ...read more.

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