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Compare how channel 4 and the BBC target youth audience

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Compare how channel 4 and the BBC target the youth audience (Discuss with reference to institution, audience and narrative form) Different institutions target the youth audience in different ways. Depending on whether teenagers are there specific target or not. Through out the various channels there appears to be a common trend. This refers predominantly to the BBC as an institution who follows traditional notions of programming based on time. This is in contrast with channel 4 whose sole aim is to target a youth audience, and therefore repeat programmes throughout the day which will most likely do just that. When analysing the BBC more closely the common trend becomes very apparent. BBC1 for instance between the times of 6am to roughly 3pm target predominately an older audience, perhaps of a working class with programming such as 'cash in the attic' and 'Bargain hunt'. Both dealing with the similar notion of how to make money. ...read more.


'The Graham Norton Show' in particular uses an iconic performer 'Alesha Dixon' to again bring in that all important teen audience. Alesha symbolises youth culture, and represents young people's love for music. The BBC3 are a lot more subtle in their approach to a youth audience. They use programmes that target a wide range of people, not solely the teens. Programming such as 'Eastenders' is amusingly broadcasted at 10pm. This soap opera in particular draws in a mass audience, as a long running soap it has gained loyal followers and also attempts to add the youth audience to there fan club. Representing young teenagers through there episodes, they attempt to pursue the young adults. BBC3 begins at 7pm, this is key in discovering this institutions target audience. There is no child programming unlike the other two sister channels. All programmes range from the 17-35 age bracket. This idea is supported with programmes such as 'family guy' which seems to be repeatedly played throughout the course of the evening. ...read more.


E4 is the most focused of all channels in targeting the youth audience. It is there sole purpose, and uses repeats of light hearted programming to target this. 'E4 Music Zone' incorporates news, gossip and music. These are all traits of popular culture which is something most teenagers conform to. This programme is repeated from 7.30am until 9am. Which ties with the BBC's traditional notions of teenagers getting ready for school. Series seem to feature heavily on this channel, series such as 'one tree hill' and 'scrubs'. Both are essential in gaining a young audience. Focusing on friendships, relationships and problems along the way are all issues that young people feel they can relate to. This similar programming is repeated throughout the day, until 10:30pm where a movie is broadcasted. In this case it is 'Mean Girls'. This film represents the battle of wanting to fit in, at the same time as succeeding in education. Again a very focused and audience specific programme. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Angelique Hunter 12H ...read more.

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