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Compare how genre and narrative are established in Oceans 11 and The Bone Collector.

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The Purpose of this essay is to compare how genre and narrative are established. In order to examine how genre and narrative are established in two crime films, we conducted a close textual analysis of Oceans 11 and the bone collector. The main convention in this genre is crime films, law enforces, criminals, action sequence and fast cars. There have been many notable crime films such as cat women (2004 Collateral (2004) Cellular (2004) and Shaft (2000). I will be moving on to consider why the crime genre has enjoyed lasting mainstream appeal. Crime is a mainstream genre it is a mainstream genre because there are sub genres that come under it such as Law and Order, Police films and detective films. Crime has an Mainstream appeal to mainstream and independent producers because the films are not just for people that like only crime but for people that like only one sub genre in crime such as heist, juvenile delinquent, gangsters and detective. The first film I am analysing is Oceans Eleven, it was released was in the year 2001, the genres in this film was Comedy/ Thriller/ Crime, there were many other films released at the same time as Ocean's Eleven one of them was Jeepers Creepers. ...read more.


also connotes that ocean is a risk taker, there is an external long shot were the camera tracks the night time landscape which connotes glamour wealth and sophistication and creates a stylish/backdrop for films narrative, there is many editing each camera shot lasts for a fairly short amount of time, from a matter of seconds to approximately 1 minute, this helps to create fast pace considering how this pace links. In the bone collector the use of settings used in this film portrays a urban landscape in New York, also they show the airport. The genre and narrative is conveyed through this setting, cities are popular locations for the crime genre. The use of sound shows what type of mood the film is in the bone collector there is mournful strings used to signify the thriller genre, which is linked with death/Murder. The lighting and colour what type of day it is and many other stuff in bone collector there is flashing stroke lights, New York streets and Darkly lit still and moving images connotes the genre and tells us of dark nature of crime. The characters are solitary males at the start, which are still drawn images this signifies the thriller element and creates enigma. ...read more.


The lighting creates tension because it is dark in the cab also the mournful strings played creates tension. This is different to Oceans Eleven because the narrative stage in ocean is less thrill and the sound when tension is created is more live and upbeat. The Producer of the film Ocean Eleven is Stephen Soferbergh he produced mostly crime films the producer of the bone collector is Phillip Noyce he produced mainly Thriller/Crime films , this links to the heist sub genre because the two films are all about a complication or disturbance, Major theft or a group of criminals. Both films have high production values. This is shown by the characters used are big main stars the studios that have produced the two films are big, the two films studios are Warner home videos and universal studio who are big in the movie industry. There are expensive sets and expensive gadgets. Oceans Eleven is the more successive in introducing genre and narrative, we know this because at the start of the film is a signifier by it being in a prison. I personally enjoyed The Bone collector because it had a appeal for me even though I am in to the mainstream appeal, but the way the film started of made me like the bone collector but Oceans eleven took long to start. ...read more.

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