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Compare how the Television sitcoms "Only fools and Horses" and "Men behaving badly" offer comic representation of gender?

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Compare how the Television sitcoms "Only fools and Horses" and "Men behaving badly" offer comic representation of gender? "Men behaving badly" and "Only fools and horses" are both exceedingly hilarious sitcoms, Only fools and horses was shown on the BBC and Men behaving badly shown on ITV (but later moving to BBC with a later time), when it first hit our screens. Although they eventually began to fade out the sitcoms, well at least off of the standard channels of one to five. Now days the BBC and ITV only produce special episodes around Christmas time and on other special occasions. But if you still cannot resist the temptation of watching the odd episode here and there you can catch them on UK Gold, UK Gold 2 and UK Gold +1, on Sky and cable channels. Yet both sitcoms are still just as funny watching them second time round. ...read more.


it would still be a desperate measure but not as desperate as it is for Tony and Gary. This is a similar situation as if Dell boy were to loose Rodney. Tony and Gary's lives seem to evolve around: Beer Women Although on the other hand Dell Boy and Rodney's life depends more on: Money Relationships This shows that in men behaving badly women are only treated as an object by Gary and Tony they do not know how t treat a women correctly they just want them for a little fun. If we look at the episode "Good pub guide" Gary talks about a cartoon character in which he says; "Look at the top b****x on that" showing how Gary does not care who it is or what it is he will always refer to sexual conversation. Also when Dorothy asks Gary to act like a "normal" couple she feels they should both clean whereas he feels they should both go down the pub. ...read more.


When Dell and Rodney are buying presents for their girlfriends 9 times out of 10 they give them something off the market but Gary and Tony buy their women more manly presents i.e. a condom machine, believing that there women would be overwhelmed with the present. The men in Men behaving badly are constantly playing tricks on their girlfriends but Debs and Dorothy show outstanding bouncebackability in the way they snidely get them back by outwitting them, portraying the infamous fact of women being smarter than men. Overall both sitcoms have their own views on stereotypes but seem to pickup on key points together; like the both have a local pub where the men go for a "bevy". In general the ideas are very similar but vary in their own individual way, with the story lines running parallel to each other. Only fools and horses give their views on a stereotypical male wheeler-dealer whereas Men behaving badly give their view more on a stereotypical male and female as well as their relationship problems. ...read more.

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