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Compare the famous shower scene from Psycho with the boat scene from Jaws. How do the directors build up tension here?

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Compare the famous shower scene from Psycho with the boat scene from Jaws. How do the directors build up tension here? I have chosen the second question 'compare the famous shower scene from Psycho with the boat scene from Jaws. How do the directors build up tension here?' I am going to compare various things such as camera angles/shots, music, lightning, long and short edits, dramatic irony and sound. Jaws is a film about 3 brave men set out to kill a man eating shark who seems to be unconquerable as it has killed a lot of people in the past, the attacks he has made look horrifying and the men set out to kill it look like they have very little chance. They use a small boat as they hunt for the shark, the boat is small and the shark knows what it's doing as it attempts to take the boat down, it succeeds, but as you think there is no chance for the men, one of them kill the shark unexpectedly. Psycho is about a man called Norman Baits who has a split personality. He thinks he is his mother as well as him self. The mother is made out to be a murderer and doesn't seem to like visitors as Norman won't be spending much time with her as he has work to do, but she has a way to sort that out. ...read more.


The audience will feel a bit jumpy as they don't expect the shark coming, but the tension created has to end, it is the tension that makes you scared. Psycho shower scene builds up tension by focusing on the girl non stop for a little while, and it shows you the girl getting in the shower, now you expect that something sinister will happen because at the beginning of the scene you are made to feel relaxed and then when the frenzied stabbing takes place the tension and horror you feel is even worse because of how relaxed you have become, but you don't know when it will happen as the tension building up goes on and the audience feel a little uneasy. The use of dramatic irony is used a lot in the boat scene, but it is not used in the shower scene much. The boat scene as it builds up the tension and is focusing on the people inside the boat. As they are looking from the outside you see the barrel come out the sea, here you now know the shark is about, but the men inside don't have a clue as they are just messing around. This effect can be very frustrating as you want them to know that something bad will happen making the audience tense, nervous and involved. ...read more.


In psycho the lighting for the shower scene is very dark and spooky. As the murder is happening a shadow is cast over the murderer's face, since this has happened it makes you think about who the murderer is, also it is scary as the murderer could be a zombie or something. The shadow from the murderer is over the girl and gives it more effect. In Jaws the lighting is similar. The boat scene lightning is very dark, but light is over the men's faces. It feels like they are going to be attacked from behind by the shark The reaction I think from the audience in both scenes is that they will be very scared. I think the audience will be very jumpy as the shark attacks the boat and the murder is happening in the shower. The horrors in both films are very different yet are both as scary and create lots of tension between them. The films have equal effect on the audiences and give them something to be interested in as they watch it. The tension created by both films make you want know what is going to happen but also make you feel scared. I did not like any of the films and I did not find them scary. ...read more.

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