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Compare the front covers of "Sugar" and "Company"

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Compare the front covers of "Sugar" and "Company" Sugar and Company are 2 magazines aimed at the younger female audience. In my opinion Sugar is aimed at the younger teens because of the colours that are used. Sugar uses girlie vibrant colours, which are pink, purple and yellow which to me suggests a happy, vibrant and quite a childish representation. Where as Company uses cool, collected and natural which are aqua, white and blue suggesting that it is for the more mature teen to twenty something. The other major difference that stands out is the use of language and slogans across the 2 magazines because on sugar it seems more sex related as the two big stories read "I'm having a sex change" and " I have the biggest willy" and to me this suggests that that this will mainly draw the audience in because its of a sexual nature and the other story is about a pop star which also draws the girls attention in. ...read more.


The other striking resemblance about the magazines is that they both use brunettes instead of the normal blond bombshell and it's a good sign I think because it normally is just blonds on the covers. The model on sugar is smiling with her teeth and this suggests that she is happy and confident with herself and she does not mind promoting the magazine. She has her body angled to the right and she does not mind being the main picture of the magazine and she is wearing a white top and to me this suggests that the magazine could possibly be a summer issue because the colour is white. Also the model on sugar is wearing a lot of make up including red lipstick and black eye shadow and all though she comes across as being calm and comfortable she may not be. But the model on company may be brunette she has her body in a total different angle because her image is in the middle and her body is also smaller so you can see legs as well. ...read more.


On the cover of sugar I think that they mislead the audience because the title, which is, wrote is "be beautiful like Beyonce" and this is misleading because it does not entirely state the facts and is quite misleading on the other hand company states the facts because they say "bad breath, wrinkly skin and a empty purse" this is good because company are telling the target audience the facts about smoking and they then tell the audience how to give up. On the cover of sugar they have a teaser of being Britain's number one teen magazine and this to me suggests that they have been around for a number of years. Where as company does not make statements but I can tell from the cover that they are a well-known magazine. From the 2 magazines I can see a number of similarities as well as a number of differences and in my opinion this makes the magazines good and interesting. Annastasia Silvester ...read more.

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