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Compare the 'Sorted' video and the Nicholas Saunders article 'Risk in Perspective'. Which is the most effective at informing its audience about the dangers of Ecstasy?

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Dangers of Ecstasy Task:- Compare the 'Sorted' video and the Nicholas Saunders article 'Risk in Perspective'. Which is the most effective at informing its audience about the dangers of Ecstasy? The film 'Sorted' was made following the death of an 18-year-old girl, who allegedly died after taking Ecstasy. I will be comparing this video with 'Risk in Perspective' an article about Ecstasy recently written by Nicholas Saunders. The reliability, and purpose of each piece will be considered. I will also evaluate their effectiveness in informing their audience about the dangers of Ecstasy. 'Sorted' shows how Leah Betts died after taking one Ecstasy and how it can kill you. The video creates an emotive environment. This disturbing reconstruction of Leah's death is the key part of the anti-Ecstasy campaign. Risk in perspective has got a lot of content to it. Nicholas also comments on the video sorted, highlighting "the media preferred to keep the message simple: Leah died from taking a single tab of Ecstasy, to say she died from drinking water in not a good story". ...read more.


Nicholas Saunders' article sounds like an educational piece whereas the video sets up a very depressing and heartbreaking atmosphere. "It may then dilute your blood, and diluted blood causes tissue to swell, but the brain cannot swell inside the skull and the pressure can build up to a dangerous level." Similarly many other arguments are informative. Nicholas' text is furnished with facts opposed to 'Sorted. Just one Ecstasy table killed Leah Betts', which is just another story. Nicholas tells us about dangers, "Drinking too much water is reported to have killed three people so far, all in the past year... over heating is the main danger of taking Ecstasy", To back up his arguments he uses scientific facts, government statistics, compares Ecstasy with other dangerous sports and alcohol. This makes Saunders article more authentic and therefore more powerful and as a result more effective in informing people about Ecstasy. I believe there was only one motive after producing 'Sorted' which was to illustrate to people how bad and lethal ecstasy is. ...read more.


The censorship department should be an independent department so they work independently of government. So biased censorship is wrong as it makes things more complicated and usually people make wrong decisions. The same thing happened when the public got the wrong information about Leah Betts's death. Seeing that Nicholas does not tell his readers to do this or that, he only provides his readers several convenient facts concerning Ecstasy and allows the readers to make their own decisions. I conclude that Nicholas Saunders' article is more effective at informing its audience the accurate dangers of Ecstasy since the information is backed up with facts and government statistics. 'Sorted' might make people turn against Ecstasy but it is not telling the audience the correct dangers of Ecstasy and the possibility of the consequences show on the video are very low. The facts put forward by Nicholas Saunders were really helpful as I learnt a lot from his article about the Ecstasy. If I had never read Nicholas Saunders' article I would have had wrong thoughts about Ecstasy because of 'Sorted'. Ecstasy 1 Prabu Singh 10EW ...read more.

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