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Compare the treatment of the ‘Beast of Bodmin’ story in the two articles.

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Compare the treatment of the 'Beast of Bodmin' story in the two articles The two articles treat the 'Beast of Bodmin' story very differently. The article written for the independent, which is a national broadsheet paper, read by many middle class and highly educated individuals; Approaches the story with light-hearted humour. Where as the country living article is written for farmers, countryside inhabitants, and concentrates on the factual reasons for the existence of the 'Beast'. The writer for the Independent, Glenda Cooper begins with "moves to find the truth behind the tales of a cat like creature". Cooper already clearly states that she is a non-believer in the 'Beast'. Two words which are used in the headline 'Truth' and 'Tale', shows that she is implying a myth, or untrue story. Coopers descriptions of the locals and their behaviour, shows that she doesn't take the situation seriously and implies that the locals are not the sanest of people. ...read more.


Glenda Coopers article is light-hearted but also mocks the locals. At the ending of the article, cooper highlights how the environment can make people weary, of the 'Beast' and so she uses a style of writing, which makes the public begin to use their imagination. She also tries to invite the reader into thinking they might too see the 'Beast' if they go down to te bleak and isolated place at dusk. "But later, at 5pm, the sky is darkening over Jamaica Inn. Bodmin Moor stretches to the left and right, divided by rough stonewalls. There is a flicker of movement to the left. No birds are singing..." This last paragraph shows that Cooper is treating the whole idea of the 'Beast of Bodmin' as a joke and is clearly ridiculing the situation, unlike the article written for Country Living which takes the matter very seriously. The article written by Matthew Dale begins with a very earnest tone "Concern mounts... ...read more.


Where as Cooper uses no straightforward explanations, but writes an article, which is similar to a fairy or horror tale. Cooper's article is written to entertain, where as Country Living is written to inform readers about the 'Beast of Bodmin'. The Country Living article ends on a serious and a sensible, looking at solutions for how to go about the problems of the 'Beast' and whether there will be a solution for finding the beast. Where as Coopers ends on an imaginative note, which continues to entertain the reader about the beast, with the thought it could be ready to pounce at any moment. The two articles on the beast of Bodmin are clearly aimed at different people and maybe even classes. The Independent article is written to amuse and entertain readers, where as the Country Living article is there to inform the public of dangerous animal that lives in Cornwall. Although both articles differ in opinion and are biased both concentrate on the same subject the 'Beast of Bodmin Moor' they treat the question does the Beast of Bodmin Moor exist? Very differently. ...read more.

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