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Compare the two newspapers, one from a tabloid and one from a broadsheet. Identify the journalistic techniques used and to what effect

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GCSE Coursework-Media Topic Compare the two newspapers, one from a tabloid and one from a broadsheet. Identify the journalistic techniques used and to what effect In this essay I will be studying two articles and discussing the differences between them. One article is from the tabloid newspaper 'The Daily Mail' and the other article is from the broadsheet newspaper 'The Guardian'. Both reports are the same and are about an A-level grading scandal at the universities in Cambridge and Oxford. The headline also includes slight exaggeration describing the disaster at the universities as a 'scandal' to entice the reader. The page is set on a five-column layout with two subsections at the bottom of the page. The pictures are printed just below the headline, as they are important to the clarification of the report. Below the pictures are the annotations from each of the three students explaining their stories. There are also the names of the reporters and writers above the article. The three pictures of the students are full facials as the photographers were trying to get close-up enough so you can feel the frustration that they are going through. ...read more.


There isn't really any proper slang as this is an important report and the language is aimed at all age groups. The reporters have made sure everyone can read the article. It isn't written in superior or sophisticated words either, as the newspaper is not aimed at really high-class people . There isn't any jokes or stock expressions, as they aren't trying to make this story into a joke , it is a serious report. I would say the overall tone of the report is earnest. This decision is supported by the title of the report which exaggerates the story and makes it sound very significant. The pictures support the tone as the students seem depressed and unhappy so they also make you think what has happened is not a good thing . The report itself is written as if they know exactly what their talking about and they want you to know. I don't think this is typical report for a tabloid newspaper because normally they add lots of stock expressions and use more colloquial language. ...read more.


I suspect the reporters find this story very interesting as they include what a lot of people said and add the teacher's names who work at the universities. There are no stock expressions but I don't think its just because this is a serious report, I don't think they use them anyway. I think the tone of the report in the broadsheet is not quite as serious as in the tabloid , the newspaper liked the story and decided to publish it to see if that would get the readers eye. I don't think it was very high priority to the reporters as it was only an inside story and there were no pictures to support the tone of the article and the headline wasn't very strong either. The broadsheet would ever publish something like this as a human interest story, unlike the tabloid, as it would not interest the type of people who would buy this newspaper. My conclusion is that I think tabloid newspapers are easier to read and they have pictures to support the article and the newspaper is smaller to carry around. They were both very informative but in their own ways. They are very different and that is because they are aimed at different audiences. ...read more.

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