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'Compare the way a news story is presented in three different newspaper extracts'

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'Compare the way a news story is presented in three different newspaper extracts' In this essay I will compare the way a news story is presented in three different newspaper extracts. Extract A is from 'The Times' on Tuesday 4th September, extract B is also from 'The Times' on Tuesday 4th September extract b is an editorial, extract c is from 'The Guardian G-2' on Friday 7th September extract c is a front page graphic. All three extracts cover the event that happened on Monday 3rd September between the Catholics and the Protestants. The incidents occurred when Catholics school children from Holy Cross Primary school began there new school year. ...read more.


This is trying to say that in schools children are learning about hatred instead of being taught other lessons such as getting along with everyone regardless of whether they are Protestant or Catholic. Extract B also uses a powerful opening statement 'Northern Ireland has yet again shown its Gorgon-face of bigotry.' This states that once again Northern Ireland has shown its monstrous side, whereas extract C states 'Why it takes the image of a child to wake the world' this makes the reader to feel sorry for the children and is an rhetorical question. Extract A has a big, bold headline it states 'Children walk a gauntlet of Belfast hatred' which makes the reader to want to read on. ...read more.


The emotive language in extract A has a certain effect on the audience, it makes the reader feel sympathetic towards the children. Extract B also uses a certain amount of emotive language using words such as 'Gorgon-face of bigotry' and 'hideous spectacle.' These words are usually associated with beasts, therefore this statement is trying to show that what is happening, should be considered as monstrous and that the victims of this monstrosity are innocent children. Surrounded and overwhelming are adjectives meaning that there is no way out for the victims, showing that the whole situation cannot be resolved. Extract B is an editorial and is the editors point of view not the facts. Extract C doesn't use a lot of emotive language mainly because it is a front-page graphic from a supplement. Nicholas Rodrigues 10S ...read more.

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