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Compare the ways in which a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet newspaper treat the same news story.

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Compare the ways in which a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet newspaper treat the same news story. The death of John Thaw was announced in national newspapers on the Friday 22nd of February 2002. In my essay I am going to compare the story of John Thaws death from two newspapers. These newspapers are the Mirror, which is a tabloid and the Times which is a broadsheet. Tabloid newspapers include the Sun, Star, and Mirror. Broadsheet newspapers include the Gaurdian, Times, and the Daily Telegraph. The differences between a broadsheet and a tabloid are the size, a tabloid newspaper is half the size of a broadsheet. You need a lower reading age to read a tabloid because there are shorter articles, and more pictures. Whereas to read a broadsheet you need a higher reading age, this is because they use longer words, they tend to go into more depth and detail in their articles, and they have less pictures than a tabloid. The news articles in a tabloid focus on personal stories and stories about gossip. They love to talk about the private lives of television, film and sports personalities, they like to stir up trouble about secrets and affairs, these stories tend to be sensational. ...read more.


In the first paragraph of the times all four w's are used, however in the Mirror they only use three. They use who, what, where, and when, but they don't mention where John Thaw died. They only use the three because they are not bothered about the statistics, just the gossip side. The article in the Times is quite formal, it's small and doesn't go into much depth. It can be split into four sections, each is dealt with briefly. The first section of the article is about John Thaws cause of death, he died of cancer of the oesophagus, this section also deals with the treatment he recieved. The second section is a statement from Shelia Hancock who is John Thaws wife, she thanks everybody for there support. The third section deals with John Thaws family history it tells us of how his family have been touched with the disease before. His wife had fought back from breast cancer, his six year old grandson was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and Shelia Hancocks first husband Alec Ross died due to cancer in 1971. The final section is about John Thaws career, it gives the names of television programmes that he has appeared in. ...read more.


The photo on the front page is of John Thaw and it's in an oval shape. The oval shape gives the idea that it's been taken out of a family photo album. On page seven there is a small photo of John Thaw and his wife Sheila Hancock in a circle shape, this also gives the idea of it coming out of a family photo album. Next to the small photo there is a huge photo of John Thaw. The photo is four colums wide, and it's how people remember him, his eyes are looking directly at the camera, this was his acting technique. At the bottom of page seven there is a further four photos. They are joined together like a reel of film, these photos are of him acting in some of the popular television programmes he starred in. The photographs in the article make it seem more personal. The article I like the best is the one in the Mirror. I like it best because it contains photographs. It was more interesting because it gave a more personal and detailed story, it gives a more personal story by using photographs and telling you about his family history. The Times article wasn't interesting, and it didn't grab your attention, in my opinion it was boring. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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