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Compare the ways in which tabloid and broadsheet newspapers present a days front-page news stories.

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17th January, 2001 Media Assignment Compare the ways in which tabloid and broadsheet newspapers present a days front-page news stories. I will study and analyse four national newspapers, two tabloids, The Sun and Daily, and two broadsheets, The Times and The Guardian, on the news stories of Friday 19th November 1999. On this day the main stories in the news were: the announcement that PM Tony Blair's wife Cherie was pregnant, the Hamilton corruption case involving Mr Al Fayed and the Mobil oil company, and the fall-out between the PM and Ken Livingstone. Tabloids and Broadsheets are two different types of newspapers, as they each target a specific audience, therefore they will class some stories more important than others and give it more coverage. To sell a specific story they might write exclusive, even though it might not be. Looking at the types of stories in the tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, the difference is very clear. The editors of the tabloid newspapers, The Sun and Daily Mail, believe that the most important story of the day is the announcement, that the PM's wife Cherie Blair is pregnant, so they have given this more coverage. ...read more.


The Guardian has three stories on it's front page, but gives most priority to the Hamilton story as it takes up half the page and has a huge photo of Hamilton and his wife, which is intended to shame them. The Blair story is below in one of the two columns, with a small picture of Cherie Blair. In The Times, there is no picture to do with Tony Blair and his wife. The story is also one of two columns on the bottom of the page. Both The Times and The Guardian are highly regarded newspapers and are highly informative. They are aimed at people who are interested in all the details about current affairs. That's why they focus more on the quality and detail of the text and use smaller text, rather than wasting space with big headlines. Broadsheets use a lot of fact-based information, such as dates and numbers and also information backed up by quotes. But the tabloids are a lot more opinion based. ...read more.


The Sun and the Daily Express both use sub-headings, which they include the vital information about Cherie Blair's age. The Guardian and The Times don't have sub-headings, but The Guardian still uses Cherie Blair's age in the title. The language used in the tabloids and broadsheets is very different. The Guardian and The Times use a very high standard of English throughout. The language used by the Guardian, especially, is sometimes difficult to understand and may not be user-friendly to some people. The language used by the Daily Mail is formal and is easy to understand by anybody. The Sun uses a lot of slang such as the word, 'pal.' This difference of language used is because each newspaper wants to make their language more accessible to their readers depending on their social status. The Sun treats Cherie Blair as a friend, by informally calling her 'Cherie,' instead of Mrs Blair or the PM's wife. If a reader wants the full story that contains facts and which is not biased, than they would want to choose a broadsheet. But if a reader would like to read a shorter story that is easier to understand and like a bit of amusement than they will go for a tabloid ...read more.

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