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Compare two search engines on the internet.

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English Media Coursework Question: Compare two search engines on the internet. Search for one topic or product and comment on the following; * The route taken to the product * The graphics used * The quality of presentation * The use of language * The use and type of advertisement The internet is an ever growing power in the media industry. Over the past decade it has become a powerful tool for research and advertising on a worldwide basis. The 'search engine' is now very effective for both of these. I am going to analyse the presentation and function of 'Yahoo!' And 'Ask Jeeves' search engines. In doing this I will be searching for 'Prom dress makers in the UK.' On 'Yahoo!' The title is very noticeable because it is red, which is a very bold colour. However, the title is not very large. But, the font is different, and is not level, as the letters of the title are all on different levels. The title is at the very top of the page, so it is the first thing you see when you log on to the webpage. The word 'Yahoo!' is repeated several times across the webpage, so you never forget it. So, straightaway, when you log on to 'Yahoo!' you know where you are. Also, the title of the webpage is in itself, very catchy. You could link the word 'Yahoo!' ...read more.


There is also a picture of a butler, as 'Ask Jeeves' is like a butler service. This adds more colour to the page. There is no advertising at all on the home page of 'Ask Jeeves,' unlike 'Yahoo!' There is also no advertising on the results page of 'Ask Jeeves', apart from perhaps results from other search engines. This is the same on 'Yahoo!' I think that this is because 'Ask Jeeves' is maintaining the fact that it is a search engine, and do not want advertisements to distract you from your search. There are no graphics moving on either webpage, but I think that this is good because you might get distracted from what you are trying to do, and you may get confused. There are lots more pictures on 'Yahoo!' than on 'Ask Jeeves'. 'Ask Jeeves' has four pictures altogether on the webpage. The main picture is of 'Jeeves', the butler, which is part of the title, and the other three are small images at the bottom of the page, which are for shopping, travel, and recent searches. The butler image I think is there to remind you of the service that the search engine offers. These images are easy to understand, for example, the travel has an aeroplane underneath. These have a good effect on the webpage because it adds colour to it and you just have to look for the image that corresponds with what you are looking for. This is exactly the same on 'Yahoo!' except 'Yahoo!' ...read more.


Both websites came up with result in less than five seconds, which I thought was very impressive. I asked to search within the United Kingdom on both websites. 'Ask Jeeves' then came up with 5,310 results, and 'Yahoo!' came up with 18,300 results. However, both websites displayed some websites for dressmakers twice or more, which is not helpful, as if you have already been on that website, then you are wasting time looking at the same thing again. Both websites then gave me the choice to search on the whole of the web, not just inside the UK. Both websites also gave a small 'blurb' to tell me a small bit about what a result was, where it was etc. 'Ask Jeeves' also gave me a list of related searches that I could search for if I didn't find what I was looking for. 'Yahoo!' didn't offer this. In conclusion, I believe that 'Ask Jeeves' did a slightly better job at finding a Prom dress maker in the UK, because the site was a lot more user-friendly. It was less crowded on the page, unlike 'Yahoo!'. 'Ask Jeeves' didn't come up with the most results, but the results I did get were relevant to my search. 'Ask Jeeves' also gave other related searches, which you could click on, and get even more results. 'Yahoo!' was more funky, and for younger people who have a sound knowledge of the internet, whereas 'Ask Jeeves' is for a wider audience. However, both search engines were a pleasure to use, and they both did an excellent job at finding what I was looking for. ...read more.

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