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Comparing a Tabloid and Broadsheet Newspaper.

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Comparing a Tabloid and Broadsheet Newspaper This assignment intends to explore the similarities and differences between a broadsheet and a tabloid newspaper. I will examine the following features: size, language, pictures, headlines and the stories that the articles deal with. I will be analysing the front page of The Times (broadsheet) and comparing it with the front page of, The Evening Mail (a tabloid). The broadsheet is A2 and measures 35cm in width and 55cm in length. In comparison, the tabloid is only 30cm in width and approximately 35cm in length. The broadsheet newspaper is divided into four sections; each section deals with a separate story. However, three of these sections are primarily aimed at the more educated audience. This is reinforced by the content of the stories, which deal with issues concerning politics, biology and economy. The final story is about a football player and this is the only story, which is likely to appear in the tabloid. The tabloid consists of three sections; each section also reflects a new story. Two of these articles inform the reader about the latest horrific crimes making the headlines. The third article discuses Colin Jackson a world champion athlete's final appearance at the National indoor arena. ...read more.


This newspaper would consequently be more likely to be read by teenagers because the articles are more likely to be understood by this group compared to the stories in the broadsheet. One of the similarities between the two newspapers is both newspapers place captions by their articles. This is important because it allows people to know what the stories are about. The caption are written in different sizes depending on what the writer wants the buyer to see first and more significantly what would interest the reader more. The second similarities between the newspapers are that both writers use pictures to attract the reader attention. The broadsheet, in the second article discusses how Mrs Mugabe goes shopping in France while her country Zimbabwe is starving. There is a big picture of Mrs Mugabe wearing elegant clothes and loads of jewellery. This picture is very effective in conveying and reinforcing the written content of the story. In the second article in the tabloid, there is also a very interesting picture. The story is about a girl who was kidnapped for nine months and is found alive. There is no written content other than the caption and a line indicating that the story will be covered on page six. ...read more.


In conclusion, there are many similarities and differences between the newspapers. The similarities include pictures and caption used to aid the articles being discussed. The differences include size, language, price and issues being discussed; with the exception of sport which seems to be popular between both the readers of the broadsheet and the tabloid. The articles in the tabloid are less complex and easier to understand but do not go in to great depth as the broadsheet. The information given in the tabloid is quite basic compared to the broadsheet. I feel consequently the tabloid is suited to be read by people who enjoy reading newspaper as a leisure or pass time activity. This can be also supported by the idea that the writers of the tabloid newspaper put great emphasis in their pictures and caption and try to present the information in the more exciting and interesting manner. In comparison the broadsheet newspaper deals with issues such as politics, biology and economy. I think this is because the broadsheet has important information about the world affairs and is aimed at those people who are well educated or have business. On the whole, I would think that the tabloid newspaper gets sold more, simply because it uses easy to understand language and this would appeal to bigger audiences across all ages. Rashad mahmood 13Ysu Media coursework ...read more.

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