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Comparing and contrasting how the film language used in the Two Trailers for Bend it like Beckham targets different audiences.

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Media Coursework BY: Mark Haddad Comparing and contrasting how the film language used in the Two Trailers for Bend it like Beckham targets different audiences. A trailer is supposed to promote a certain movie that is coming soon on DVD or in the cinema. They could be action, trailers, romance trailers, or detective trailers. For example if it was a action trailer it could include a fight scene blood, fire arms and cool stunts, but if it was a romance film it might include some slow music at the beginning, a candle light at dinner with someone you love or a red flower because the colour red connotes love happiness and peace between the lovers. We have been studying two trailers from the movie "Bend it like Beckham". The first trailer might be targeted to teen girls because in the first trailer the girls dominate it most of the time like when Jess's mother says to Gary Linekar that he and the other two men shouldn't be encouraging Jess to play football. I.e. she is shouting at the men so she is dominating the spotlight. The second movie might be more for the male teenagers because at the beginning the boys make fun of Jess playing football. ...read more.


It makes you think what's gone to happen next. Then suddenly appears these pop up messages with different colour backgrounds to represent different things in the trailer. The second trailer is faster paced than the first trailer which makes it more suitable for men. Also the techno and trance music at the beginning of the trailer also makes look as if it's faster. Then you go to the stadium where we see the boys making fun of Jess playing again to contribute the idea that women are stupid and that men know more about football. Then we go back to the pop up messages which add anchorage. Anchorage means when words or captions are used to hold down the meaning of an image. For example the caption "beautiful game" has a pink background to represent the girls that when they play it makes the game look more feminine and the caption "get ready" with a blue background which represents the boys and it's telling them that this movie is for them because right after that caption there is the girls in the changing room getting undressed this will make the boys want to come and see the movie because they will want to see naked girls. ...read more.


The sounds in the trailer also depend on the type of audience that watches it. In both trailers techno is used to represent that football is fast game and to involve the audience into the action. The opera music in the first trailer adds a sense of comedy to movie that her family are following her everywhere and embarrassing her even on the football pitch. Also the Indian music at the beginning of the story expresses how important culture is in the movie. The modern music in the second trailer is very appealing for teenagers as a whole. To conclude my analysis I would like to say that the first trailer is suitable for women and the second trailer is suitable for men. If I were in a romantic comedy movie or a sports movie I would see the first trailer and if I were in an action, thriller movie I would see the second trailer. The important things that are expressed in the trailers are the cultural side of things this important because it also introduces the idea of rules that they are important, but in the movie they are broken or "bent". Another thing that is important is the idea of status with David Beckham and Jess that they are both footballers but David is more skilled than Jess, but that won't stop Jess from trying her hardest. ...read more.

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