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Comparing And Contrasting Two Different Trailers And Evaluating Their Effectiveness.

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Comparing And Contrasting Two Different Trailers And Evaluating Their Effectiveness Trailers are mainly used as marketing tools. Trailers make people aware of new movies and new movie release dates, most commonly found in the beginning of rental movies and at cinemas before the movie starts. Trailers are put at the beginning of movies because this is when the audience are paying most attention so they grab the audience's attention. What is known as 'the best bits' of a movie in are in included in the trailer. These are normally the most dramatic or most hilarious scenes, making then make the viewers more interested in watching or wanting to see the movie. I will be analysing two trailers "Mission Impossible 2" and "X -Men". Both of these trailers are modern and are both aimed at modern audiences. "Mission Impossible 2" begins with a hi-tech map appearing on the screen which then zooms in and selects a location, the location that is selected is the Grand Canyons. The camera begins to pan across the location which shows us where the film is set, suddenly the camera goes to and extreme close up on Tom Cruises face. ...read more.


The lighting inside the unit/shuttle is bright this is to illustrate the futuristic detail. The set is the same throughout, always based within this same shuttle/unit, unlike "Mission Impossible 2" where the set is continuously changing, showing us how by changing the setting it can be captivating the audience. The shiny chrome objects and silvery colours, which are used throughout the "X - Men" set reinforces the film being set in the future. There are two central characters in "Mission Impossible 2". They are Tom Cruise who plays Ethan Hunt and Thandie Newton. Both characters are famous within the film industry. The costumes both characters wear in the movie are modern they are both dressed casually. This tells the audience that they are used to their surroundings and that immediately tells us the time period is current. In "X - Men" there are many different characters. Making it difficult for an audience to decide on a main character(s). All the characters are dressed in tight, PVC suits and some of the characters have dyed hair or wigs. This shows the audience that they are of alternative nature unlike "Mission Impossible 2" where the characters are dressed to look human. ...read more.


On the whole the "Mission Impossible 2" trailer was the most effective trailer as techniques used within the trailer matched the genre chosen. The "X - Men" trailer clips were too fast and too short which made things hard to see, whereas the "Mission Impossible 2" trailer was a little slower but told us key things which happen in the movie. The "X - Men" trailer had no arrangement and flashed scene upon scene at us making it difficult to make sense of the clips. The "Mission Impossible 2" trailer introduced the characters clearly and showed us who the main characters were unlike the "X - Men" trailer where it was more of a guess as to who was the main character. The main reason for the "Mission Impossible 2" trailer being more effective was as the length of the clips in the "X - Men" trailer were not right in places and the trailer did not tell the audience much which immediately made the audience uninterested and not want to watch the trailer. Effective use of the setting, music, camera work and costume made the "Mission Impossible 2" trailer more appealing than "X - Men". This essay was written atCollingwood College. The Teacher said "Excellent Peice Of Work". The Student said " Good Work". This Essay was awarded a mark of A ...read more.

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