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Comparing front pages of two newspapers

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Comparing front pages of two newspapers The two newspapers which I am going to write about and discuss are "The Sun", which is a tabloid newspaper and "The Times", which is a broadsheet. The newspapers are both dated Monday 10 November, 2003. The first difference is that the broadsheet is bigger than the tabloid. People read tabloids for entertainment and gossip. The broadsheet caters for readers who are interested in hard news and who are professional, such as lawyers, doctors, and teachers. There is more text in the broadsheet because reporters tell the story in detail. They are also more factual. In a tabloid newspaper stories are shorter. The tabloid newspapers favourite use of slang for example, she's a stunner, it's a bummer." ...read more.


But the broadsheet has smaller bold headlines. They both have dateline and earpiece, where on the right hand corner there is advertisements. They both have splash headlines and there is a box rule around the text. They have other stories in the front cover. Both papers use a bit of colour and graphics. There is a 4 colour picture in each of the newspapers. The times are a more tourist newspaper. They have used differently types of fonts for each newspaper, to attract the reader attention. Broadsheet headlines still try to be punchy and to the point though in a more moderate way than the tabloids. All of the newspapers use alliteration (example), but the tabloid uses more extreme language. You can see in "The Sun", that there is limited space. ...read more.


The two opinions are "this is the biggest crisis of his life". "Biggest" shows exaggeration. The second opinion was "He was once asked if he was bio sexual". The two facts in the broadsheet are that the newspaper that printed the first copies was, the Scottish newspaper and Charles denies the rumours. The opinion is that the "prince ignored response who asked if he was looking forward to returning to Britain." The tabloid uses words which are selected to spark an emotional response in the person reading the story. The tabloid is emotional and sensational. But broadsheets are more biased, but not so openly. I generally prefer to read the tabloids, because I am interested in human interest stories. I am interested in politics but to a certain extent, which means only when I feel like it. I do not really like long, detailed stories. Therefore I would recommend tabloids. ?? ?? ?? ?? MEDIA PIECE UZMAH ASLAM 61M ENGLISH ...read more.

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