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Comparing Tabloid and Broadsheet Coverage of an Event.

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Comparing Tabloid and Broadsheet Coverage of An Event. On Thursday 21st of September 2000, there were two big explosions in the MI6 building. I have chosen one tabloid 'The Mirror' and one broadsheet 'The Independent'. The headline in the tabloid is big and bold, so it made me think that it was an interesting story because it caught my attention. The headline in the broadsheet goes across the whole page but it isn't as big as the tabloid's. The headline on the broadsheet is eye catching because it says 'MI6 building rocked by explosions'. The use of the word 'rocked' is very effective on readers because it makes the story sound interesting because it means that the explosion shook the building. ...read more.


Which makes me think that what ever caused the explosions some sort of technology was used and not only that they use the word 'strikes' which makes you think that something was launched. The broadsheet contains two large coloured photos. One of the photos showed the building sealed off and the other one showed the damage caused from outside the building. I really thought the photos were good because when the broadsheet say's 'rocked by explosions' I wanted to know how much damage the explosion caused. The tabloid has a little coloured picture of the building on the right hand side corner which just showed the building sealed off, which I didn't really like because you can't see what damage was caused. ...read more.


The tabloid contains quite short sentences and quite allot of informal language which makes me think that this paper is for people who aren't that educated or it is for people who cannot read that well. The Broadsheet contains quite long sentences which make me think that this paper is for educated people or for businessmen. The tabloid has got allot of eyewitnesses but what I didn't like was that they had nearly half a page of eyewitnesses saying the same thing. So I found that a bit boring and it was also irritating. In the broadsheet they had eyewitnesses but they had three - four eyewitnesses so they weren't repeating the same thing. Over all I preferred the broadsheet because it contained allot of information and it also contained allot of detail of the story. ...read more.

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