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comparing tabloid to a broadsheet newspaper

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Comparing A Tabloid From A Broadsheet Newspaper I am comparing a broadsheet from a tabloid newspaper and I have chosen the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mirror as both of them are successful and popular. The Telegraph is older than the Daily Mirror and is more traditional. Daily telegraph was found in 1855 and Daily mirror was launched in 1903. These two newspaper are very different to each other so it will be easier to compare them. Contents On the other hand, Daily Mirror contains many 'Human Interest' stories that are exaggerated and written to entertain. These stories are often about celebrities and sportspeople. Daily Mirror contains more shocking news, eye-catching stories which are written in an amusing, shocking way, also supported with sensational pictures. Most of these stories have to do with celebrities and there life styles or gossip. The Telegraph is regarded as relating to or directed to an intelligent and sophisticated audience more than others. ...read more.


it and its made specially for more serius and richer audience who can carry them around in their cars or in there own vehicles. Daily Mirror would have forty pages and the Telegraph has thirty pages but it has bigger pages than Daily Mirror and due to this the Mirror is easier to handle and carry around and read in the buses. As the Daily Mirror is smaller it would'nt take that long to read because its more picture based the readers would understand the story by looking at the pictures supported by small artcicles with it and this is why workers buy this newspaper for quick time-pass during there lunch or breaks as their lunches simply would not be long enough to read a broadsheet newspaper with a lot bigger articles and therefore bigger pages than the Mirror. Structure and Layout Daily Mirror The Daily Mirror newspapers will have a similar layout everyday.The Daily Mirror's structure and layout is very different from the Daily Telegraph. ...read more.


the Telegraph also has a sports section at the end of the newspaper. The Telegraph however, has much lengthier and clearer reports; therefore its sports coverage is more preferred by people. Both newspapers contain colour but The Daily Mail is much more colourful than The Telegraph. As different colours are used to make some shocking stories stand out. Language These two newspapers use very different languages. The Daily Mirror uses conversational language that may be used by ordinary less educated workmen as its easier to understand for them and is very informal but this language is more entertaining. A lot of acronyms and puns are used in articles in these newspapers for humurous effects. The Daily Telegraph uses more formal English and the language is more difficult to understand. It uses proper English words and does not use any slangs like The Daily Mirror. The Daily Mirror sells more copies than the Telegraph as its smaller, cheaper and easier to understand but the Telegraph has a reputation for giving good quality of the information. ...read more.

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