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Comparing "Teechers" With "Grease" And "Weekend Away".

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Comparing "Teechers" With "Grease" And "Weekend Away" I am comparing "Teechers" by John Godber with A "Weekend Away" and "Grease" (both the stage play and the musical). The most obvious comparison I can make is that "Teechers" is what is known as a multi role (where one actor plays more than one role). I played the character Gail in "Teechers", but within that character come the parts that SHE has to play. It is a very challenging concept, but effective nevertheless. The multi role technique used in "Teechers", however cannot be more different from the single role techniques used in both "Grease" and A "Weekend Away". Both the single and multi role techniques are effective, but are used for different ends. ...read more.


"Teechers" is in an unusual category, as it is only a play for three actors. "Grease" has a cast of about 13 main characters, and a lot of people in the chorus, and a "Weekend Away" has quite a few characters in too. The set for "Teechers" is very simplistic. The writer says that "Teechers" only needed to be performed with two chairs and a table for set. "Grease" is mainly set in school corridors and lunchrooms. The set isn't realistic, but isn't quite as simplistic as "Teechers". A "Weekend Away", however is a different play all together. The set is rather "realistic" in the sense that we used tables and chairs to mimic a dining table and to give the audience a sense of realism. ...read more.


A "Weekend Away", however has no music, and doesn't suggest that any music should/shouldn't be played. It leaves it open for the actors to interpret the script in their own fashion and decide whether it is a good is a good idea to use music, and if so, what. These plays are very different in many ways. One of which is the way they are performed/written. "Teechers" is a play WITHIN a play, whereas "Grease" and A "Weekend Away" are straight plays. It has been interesting performing and rehearsing these plays, and learning new techniques and styles as I go. I like the idea of using music to communicate emotions, and I like the idea of a play within a play, and found that employing these new techniques will be very useful to use in the future. Lily Milton 10 Q ...read more.

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