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Comparing the broadsheet and tabloid article.

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Comparing the broadsheet and tabloid article. Introduction We read two articles in class. One was taken from a broadsheet newspaper and the other from a tabloid newspaper. Both of these articles are on the Kelly Holmes and her victory in the 800 metres race in the 2004 Olympics games. I am looking for the difference in coverage of the event in terms of layout, content and language. The broadsheet and tabloid are very different types of newspapers. The layout of the broadsheet is almost completely different from the layout of the tabloid. The article in the tabloid covers two pages whereas the broadsheet's article is only one page. The tabloid wants you to concentrate more on the picture than the writing. The broadsheet on the other hand is expecting you to concentrate more on the writing than the picture. That's the reason why it contains more information than the tabloid about not only the race itself but about the previous races and what is behind the race. ...read more.


The article in the broadsheet is not only about the race Kelly Holmes ran but about facts relating to athletics, facts like 'Regina Jacobs, who later tested positive for THG, a designer steroid and was banned,' It also lest you know that one of the competitors in the race, Maria Mutola was the defending champion. They include theses information to let you know about the athletics sport's background. In the first paragraph it lets you know how difficult the race in Athens would be, it quotes 'Athens was a city she one preferred not to think about' this is referring to Kelly Homes, it lets us realise that only the fittest and best athletes get chosen to compete in Athens. Language- The languages used in this article are metaphors; it uses such words as 'midriff' instead of waist or 'Authencity' instead of real. The language I this broadsheet article seem to be more for the educated readers who understand certain vocabularies and have a higher vocabulary than others. ...read more.


This provides a little bit more information for the reader. Language- In the tabloid article it does not use complicated words as that of the broadsheet. The tabloid article uses some casual language, such as 'in striking gold, Holmes deposed friend and training partner Maria Mutola, who finished out of the medals and stormed away with out a word, a smile or a wave'. The language of the tabloid is more welcoming rather than serious, it uses an easier vocabulary than the broadsheet. Conclusion. The tabloid readers would be expected to have an easier vocabulary than the broadsheet readers. The tabloid would be a more effective newspaper than the broadsheet because it could be read and understood by most newspaper readers whereas the broadsheet would only be aimed at some readers because of the language and layout. The tabloid would also attract more readers because it has a lot of colour in all its pages where as broadsheets have no colour at all, they are black and white. So In conclusion I would have expected most readers to have brought the tabloid rather than the broadsheet to read the Kelly Holmes article. Tosin Oladipo English Media coursework ...read more.

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