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Comparing two newspaper articles

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Comparing two newspaper articles The subject of the two articles is England and how David Beckham saved them from defeat against Greece. The papers are the "Mail on Sunday" which is a tabloid and was published on Sunday October 7th 2001; the other is the "Independent" which is a broadsheet and was published on Monday October 8th 2001. Also the draw took them into the 2002 world cup that is being held in Japan and Korea. The layout of the article on the "Mail on Sunday" is very effective and draws people attention because it has big picture of David Beckham that fills almost the whole page up. Its draws the people attention because It has David Beckham pointing in triumph to the headline which says "King of the world," this is important because there is a pun on world, it means world cup and also it means the whole world. David Beckham is pointing to the headline so you can see the article is all about him. ...read more.


The article is also more for people who follow football because it says "A Trademark 25-yard free-kick" This is relevant because if you didn't follow football you may not know whom they were talking about. The "Independent" however is for more intellectual people because it doesn't say very much about the game it has more stats and interviews and also how they think England will do in the World cup, which means they had to use lots of opinions like "England could not be guaranteed to discomfort a team of waiter from a sushi bar" The Writer was also trying to use a humorous but sarcastic tone for this sentence too this was relevant because he was trying to mock England a bit about how bad they played. This is also trying to suggest that if they played like they did against Greece they would have no chance of winning the World cup. The "Mail on Sunday" was very biased towards England because they only managed to get a draw from the game but because they used words like "Triumphantly" it sounds like the played really well and won the game easily. ...read more.


The "Mail on Sunday" also uses more words that are related to football like "Qualifying" and "Booked" which suggests that this is more for people who follow sport and football. In the "Independent" though it uses more complex vocabulary for more intellectual people like "Threadbare" and "Deficiencies," which shows that the paper is more for clever people like business people and upper class. This article also suggests that it is for Doctors and nurses because it uses medical terms like "Appointment" and "Deficiencies." Overall from summing each of the articles up I like the "Independent" more because even though it does not have a really eye catching picture in it to attract peoples attention it tells you more about England like how Paul Scholes and Steven Gerrard had a bad game and not just about David Beckham like on the "Mail on Sunday." Also it is not biased towards England, even though I like England I don't think that they should be praised loads for getting into the World cup because they didn't play very well and Greece gave them a good fight. ...read more.

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