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Comparing two Newspaper Articles from the Herald Tribune and Jakarta Post

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Cristina Teasdale Comparing two Newspaper Articles Herald Tribune and Jakarta Post On the 8th of March 2006, both the Herald Tribune and the Jakarta Post reported on Singh promoting the benefits of the atomic deal between India and the United States. The Jakarta Post placed the article reading "U.S. deal will not harm nuclear deterrent: Singh" on the 11th page of the newspaper. The placement of the newspaper showed that the publication had more "interesting" or "important" articles to be put in advance. However, Jakarta Post did place the article under a sub-category of "World News". This shows that the article was still of some relevance to the international community. The headline used was effective as it was straight-to-the-point. It gave a general background as to what is contained in the article. However, there was some implication that the article was targeted to a more "higher" class, as it needed educated individuals to understand the meaning of deterrent, which means prevention. The layout of the article was somewhat complex, as it looked similar to an inverted "L". Additionally, the article was fairly big and had to be continued on another page. This implies that the article was important enough to be continued, if not it would have been cut down to fit the page. ...read more.


He gave a general speech to comfort the needs of the citizen concerned about the side effects of the deal. He was the only one interviewed, perhaps, because he has the most influence on the citizens. The message of the article is to convince readers that the deal between the U.S. and India is great. It has been written to inform readers of the positive effects of the deal, which may be misleading. On the other hand, the Herald Tribune reported the same story in a totally different manner. The Herald tribune placed the article reading "Singh tries to promote benefits of atomic deal" on the 3rd page of the newspaper. The placement of the newspaper showed the issue at had was of great importance, as it was placed in one of the first pages of the newspaper. This shows the relevance and interest readers might have on the article. The headline used too simple. Although it did convey the content of the article, the headline seems to be a bit bland. It does no grab the readers into reading the article. The layout of the article was simple, yet effective. As it was a straight-line article, it did not require readers to flip to another page. The article did not contain any pictures or captions as it was tightly spaced in with other articles. ...read more.


On the other hand, the Jakarta Post conveys a more complex approach to the situation, using sophisticated words and technical terminology, which only a few people may understand. The target niche in Jakarta Post's situation is very limited, where as the Herald Tribune may be more open to average readers. Both articles, however, show the importance of the issue. The Herald Tribune puts the article in the front section of the newspaper for easier access, while the Jakarta Post places the article in a more exclusive and roomy location, in a subcategory "World News". Both had the interview with Singh to get his opinion on the subject. However, the Herald Tribune went a step further by interviewing a leftist party representative. In my opinion, the Herald Tribune appealed more to me with its simplicity. The article written by the Jakarta Post was too complex; I ended up having to look in the dictionary too many times to understand the wording of the article. Moreover, the Herald Tribune had a more balanced opinion, which gave me the opportunity to see both sides of the story. Although the headline of the article was too simple, it did give a general overview of what is to be contained in the article. The Herald Tribune did and excellent job on reporting the issue at hand in a simple yet effective manner. ...read more.

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