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Comparing two newspaper articles

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HAYLEY PEARCY 11GI0 MEDIA COURSEWORK: COMPARING TWO NEWSPAPER ARTICLES Media n pl . 1 pl. of MEDIUM. 2 (usu. prec. By the) the main means of mass communication (esp. newspapers and broadcasting) regarded collectively. Modern media consists of many forms, newspapers, novels, films, broadcasting, advertising, magazines, billboards and the Internet are all considered in this category along with many others. Each form will have its own message, or purpose and it is conventionally one of the following. o To describe. o To inform. o To persuade. o To entertain. I am going to concentrate on the similarities and contrasts within the media of newspapers. Newspapers over the years have divided into two types, tabloids and broadsheets. With this change, the content and purpose of each paper has evolved. A newspaper is a form of propaganda. It is made up of news articles of current events and issues and covers all of the above purposes of media. People generally believe that newspapers are there to inform of facts about issues around the world, however newspapers are increasingly becoming a way of manipulating the minds of our countries population. I have chosen one article from two recent newspapers, both on the same topic. The issue of Prince Harry's drink and drugs scandal. ...read more.


This time lower case letters are used and an association is made with the keyword in the title 'Trouble' and the image that our eyes are drawn to next of a full length colour image of the Prince on page 3. The photograph shows a smartly dressed adult looking Prince and quickly detracts from the innocent and young image people may have of him. Directly to the left of this picture is another of an alleged lover, Natalie Pinkham. The Prince can be seen as almost looking in her direction from the positioning of the pictures. The picture of the older woman again portrays an image of Harry being older and less innocent. On page 2 there are two black and white photographs that are not as appealing as those on page 3 but are more informative of the situation, showing the pub and actual evidence of Harry drinking. Indeed a good picture of the story can be obtained from simply the headlines, photographs and captions. It is not necessary to read the text for those readers who do not want to. In deep contrast to this is article 2 from 'The Observer'. Here the front page is twice as big and the Prince Harry piece is not the only headline news. ...read more.


More quotes from highly regarded people such as Prince Charles himself to make the reader regard it of higher quality. The Observer has taken the issue of Prince Harry in a lighter tone than The Mail On Sunday. The Mail on Sunday has manipulated the story to create a hard-hitting scandal that would shock readers. This shows the two different styles of the papers and how the issue fits differently into the papers styles. The Observer has a more serious tone dealing with up to date news, contemplating different views and The Mail on Sunday takes the issue at face value and turns it into what can only be described as a scandal, taking the side against the Prince. I personally admire the Observer more. It is however my biased opinion as I had the view as The Observer before I read the articles. The Observer seems to give a fairer and more detailed account of both sides of the story to leave readers, to a certain extent, to make up their own minds about the issue. I was put off by the way that The Mail on Sunday detracted from the issue as I felt that it had not fully covered his drinking problem. I felt that the article would be something that should be in a magazine not in a newspaper. I admire the more traditional and less commercial approach of the Observer. 1 ...read more.

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