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Comparison Between

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Media Coursework: Comparison Between "The Simpsons" & "Futurama" The word genre can be used to describe several things such as books, films and television programmes. It means the theme of the book, e.t.c. and in the case of a film or programme means either horror, thriller, comedy, romantic. It is important that a programme or film makes clear what genre it is. For example, a horror should make you cower in fear and a thriller should keep you on the edge of your seat. In the case of a comedy, which I have chosen to compare, it must make you cry with laughter. What genre a piece of media is, also helps you to choose the things that you like. I have chosen to compare two cartoon comedies, The Simpsons and Futurama. These are both popular programmes and were also created by the same person (Matt Groening). When an audience watches a comedy programme like one of these, they expect to see the setting or characters, and a gag or joke to introduce them to the theme. They also expect happy music rather than sad or depressing, which would suit a soap opera for example. ...read more.


they all fall off the sofa. This helps the audience realise that it is a comedy programme. Overall, I think that the opening credits grabs people's attentions well, due to the theme music, and the humorous genre. It is also important to note that the opening shows people instead of place like Futurama. A typical beginning on the show, is the dad lying on the sofa watching T.V. You rarely ever see a big action scene at the beginning of this show. This works well, as people prefer to see the main characters rather than, for example, a stranger being murdered, which would suit a thriller and not a cartoon comedy. The props that you see in the house are just those of a typical American household. A television, a lampshade, pictures hanging on the walls and things like that. These objects help people relate to the characters, and therefore involving them more. Most of the camera angles used in the opening shots are mid-range but there are also a few close-ups as well. This is so the audiences attention is focused more on the characters upper halves. The characters clothes and appearance also make the show what it is, as it gives the characters their own personality or "flavour" e.g. ...read more.


The camera shots used in the opening scene of this programme, like "The Simpsons", contains mostly mid-range shots but some close-ups of the characters faces too. "Futurama" and "The Simpsons" are two great programmes, which hold viewers attentions well and make clear what genre and theme they are, right from the start. The main similarities between the two are that they both emphasise their titles in big, bold writing at the start, the characters always have the same appearance, the programme always starts at their homes and rarely begins with an action scene and, the characters own personalities help viewers "warm" to them. The main differences however are as follows: they contain different props, they are set at different times in different locations and the whole general theme of the two are different. Also,in one programme all the characters are from the same area but in the other programme they are not e.g in "The Simpsons" every character is from Springfield. Another thing, is that the comic act that occurs in the opening credits, (e.g. the sofa scene in "The Simpsons"), happens at different times in the opening credits. Finally, in the beginning of "The Simpsons" you see the characters, and in "Futurama" you see the setting. Overall these programmes are very popular and are great examples of their genre. ...read more.

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