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Comparison Of The Front Page Newspaper

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Comparison Of The Front Page Newspaper There are two main types of newpaper, tabloid and broadsheet. Each type of newspaper contains same information presented in different ways, eg. the use of launguage, pictures, adverts. I am going to compare two frontpages of two different newspapers "The Sun" which is a tabloid newspaper and "The Daily Telegraph" which is a broadsheet newspaper. The tabloid newspapers have big and bold headlines with colour usualy in red so get the adience attention. ...read more.


Tabloids contains celebraty gossip and political reporting the opposite of the boardsheet newspaper. The tabloid newspaper is a easyer way for people who have little time to read to know all the news. The boardsheet newspaper is a more organised way of presenting the news as the use smaller headdings and the stories in the frontpage are longer with more details, the language used is formal language with lots of technical terms, and there is a few pictures in the frontpage there non adverts as the news are organized in different ways eg. ...read more.


The newspaper use very different language in same story tabloids use very strong and intimidating language and the broadsheet uses more formal language and also the afect of the use of colour as the broadsheet does not use ny colour in the frontpage nad the tabloid do use colours in pictures and on headlines, they use very strong colours like red and black so get the audience attention. After investigeting the differnces between broadsheet and tabloids newspaper I realized not to believe in everything you read and some newspapers on report some parts of the stories. BY : Sara Felix /11R 1 ...read more.

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