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Comparisons between two teen websites

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The comparisons between two teen websites For my media assignment I am comparing two teen websites for girls. The two websites are called www.mykindaplace.com and www.alloy.com. Both of these websites are jam packed with showbiz gossip, celebrity news and photographs. The stories and photographs are constantly updated to make sure that the websites are not behind on the gossip. There is a lot of competition from other teen website as they are all fighting to be number one! They are both very typical teen websites. I say this because they both have an extensively large section on today's fashion, shopping and horoscopes, and as we all know most of the female teen population is interested in fashion and shopping. ...read more.


Both site are easy to use and easy to access. They are brightly coloured and the text is bold and readable. On the alloy site you can go to other sites involved with alloy as the site has links for them all over its pages. The Mykindaplace site is also linked with other sites such as racingfrogs.com and other sites, which are advertised across the top of the page. These site change frequently. It is also two old teen websites wowgo.com and swizzle.co.uk joined together. The home page for any website is obviously going to be the most important part of the site as it is the first thing you will see as you enter their site. ...read more.


The stories and photographs are updated weekly and as I have already mentioned so are the quizzes. To make sure a website is visited the company who makes it must advertise it well. Mykindaplace has been advertised better than alloy because it sponsors a well-known television program Buffy the vampire slayer on sky one. I have not seen alloy advertised at all on television and I only heard about it through a friend. I cannot say which website is better as they are both very good, however I can say which website is my favourite of the two. So therefore my favourite of the two websites is Mykindaplace.com and my favourite section of the two websites is alloy.com's quizzes and trivia. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kerry Lincoln 10E English coursework: Media assignment Mrs Price ...read more.

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