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"Conflict is universal and comes in many forms, the conflicts we face and the way in which we deal with them shape our being".

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Area of study essay - draft Liam Hennessey EA1 Mrs Herman "Conflict is universal and comes in many forms, the conflicts we face and the way in which we deal with them shape our being". Conflict in all its varying form's is a universal theme in our world. Where there is no conflict there is no life. It is the driving force by which change occurs. The outcome of a conflict determines to a large extent how we are affected, but what really shapes us is the type of conflict we face and how we go about confronting the various and inevitable forms of conflict that are a constant factor in human life and what we do or do not learn from the experiences. Conflict is defined as - a struggle to resist or overcome, a contest of opposing forces. Winning and losing are superficial terms that are applied to conflict but are not the only indications of the change that has resulted - they are only perceptions in people's minds. We are changed by conflict as a whole; the outcome, the type of conflict and how we face it are all factors in how much or how little the conflict will change us. There are hundreds of conflicts we face each day, and every seemingly insignificant one has an impact on who we are. " It is not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game." In this area of study conflict has been changed from a rather two dimensional connotation of the word consisting of only winners and losers to a more holistic view of how conflict internally and subtly motivates and shapes us. Conflict means change... or forces change upon people, be they victors, the defeated, whether they embrace it or not. This is proven in the area of study texts There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. ...read more.


The conflict with his father produced the stimulus by which Lowell was made famous for. The more obvious aspect of how Lowell was changed by his father or was moulded by his inner conflict with his father was that he rebelled and 'disgraced ' his aristocratic family by becoming a conscientious objector. He caused his family considerable trouble because of his deeds and his thoughts on his family made public were not accepted well by his family. If there was no angst between Lowell and his father then Lowell would have had different material to base his early poems on and he may have been more sympathetic to his families social disgrace. The conflict he had with his father obviously affected him enough to put it on paper and that is proof enough that he was changed or shaped in some way by the experience. Commander Lowell is much like Robert Lowell's later poem West Street and Lepke. The link between the two poems is that strangely Lowell has become like his father - past his prime and regretting it. And like his father he manifests by acting like a rather lost person full of past regrets. Lowell's fire breathing Co" Catholicism echoes his fathers "anchors aweigh" and his vain pursuit of something that was unachievable. Both Lowell and commander Lowell wanted something that was beyond their reach, Lowell with the passion of his youth and his lost memories and his father with his naval obsession. The failure to attain these things that they have pursued in their lives have left them feeling empty and tranquillised - and feeling like shadows of their former, younger selves. He has become what he attacked his father for in his early poems - rather eccentric and being a non-conformist to the society that he is supposed to fit in with. This adds a new perspective on the generational conflict idea Perhaps the easier link to make between the two poems is that the same man wrote them both and they are both similar in style and structure. ...read more.


The two songs are both based on the same idea of inequity and injustice, and both express the pain that is a result of it Rain on the scarecrow is a colloquial, first person song that centres on a man who has lost his farm to the bank, and the conflicts that arise in this man as a result of it. It is a mans conflict with a higher power that he himself helped construct. It shows the emotions and agony felt by this man and the repercussions that arise at the loss of his farm Tied into rain on the scarecrow are many scenes and ideas that show how attached this man was to his farm and the agony and despair he feels at losing it. The song involves many different forms of conflict but seems to centre n this mans intense personal pain. It is an expression to the emotions and bitterness he feels. Rain on the scarecrow is a first person song, this immediately makes the composers ideas and thoughts seem more personal and relevant. It is written in a simple, effective form, which allows the composer to easily relate his struggles to the responder and the responder to easily understand the conflict that is happening. Early on in the song the composer shows his connection and ties to his farm that he has lost making the conflict much more heartbreaking for him and allowing the responder to see how much this conflict is affecting him. The composer uses music, which is slow and mournful to imply a feeling of desolation within the song. The singers voice bespeaks pain and suffering. In the song are many forms of symbolism, the 97 crosses, rain beating down on the scarecrow, the scarecrow - a symbol of the farm, references to the bible and dying and blood on the plough. These all combine to give the impression of death and remorse about the farm and the situation it is in. The composer apologies to his son for what he sees as his failure to his son, making the poem even more personal. ...read more.

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