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Consumer Bahaviour

Extracts from this document...


Final Report of A Better Cable TV Outline Product Overview and Objectives................................. P. 3 Consumer Research on Product Users of Pay TV Service...... P. 3-P. 5 Depth Interview Data Collection................................... P. 5-P. 9 Evaluation of the Company's Current Market Strategy......... P. 9-P. 15 Recommendation...................................................... P. 15-P. 19 Conclusion............................................................ P. 20 Appendix............................................................... P.21- P.48 Project Overview and Objectives The objective of our research is to get primary information about the consumer characteristics and behaviors of Cable T.V. With this information, we can evaluate its market strategy effectively as marketing strategy and consumer behavior are greatly interdependent. The research will mainly focus on the consumer behavior of the stages of the consumption process. We will ask interviewee questions mainly based on the consumption process: Pre-acquisition: What do consumers expect for Pay TV? What attract consumers to choose Pay TV? Acquisition: Who makes the buying decision? What distribution channel do consumers use? Consumption: What channel(s) does Cable TV need to be improved and why? Who is/are the frequent user(s) in your family? Disposal: What are the reasons for consumers to discontinue the service? Consumer Research on Product Users of Pay TV service We would investigate the characteristics and behaviors of Pay TV based on interviews and literature review, and follow by the findings and implications. Research Questions Questions are amended after the discussion on the feedback of project proposal. Follow-up questions should be made after yes/no questions. > "Did it initiate your buying decision?" should be followed by "and how?" > "Will you discuss with your family members?' should be followed by "Which aspects of the decisions do you likely discuss with your family members?" Literature Review Over 99% of households in Hong Kong own a TV - giving the territory nearly two million TV households and a potential market of nearly six million viewers. In 2001, 30% of households subscribed to cable TV services, up from 26% in 1999. ...read more.


European 4 football League 6. should be cheaper, quality similar to that of Cable TV, better customers service Acquisition 1. No, parents 2. through phone, quite easy 3. satisfactory Consumption 1. Yes 2. movies, 30 hours 3. AXN, Preview, Macao Cultural Channel*, ETTV Asia, CCTV-9 4. Yes, it's poor can't contact through the customer service hotline 5. father 6. CCTV 4 Disposal 1. Past user, terminate as his sister has to sit for HKCEE 2. yes, as his father felt boring without cable TV 3. No Personal Information 1. Male 2. 19~25 3. Tertiary or above 4. 3 5. none 6. $10001 - $20000 7. apple daily 8. staying at hall 9. music Script 3 Introduction 1. Cable TV 2. 2hrs 3. $198 (basic) Pre-acquisition 1. Diversity of programs 2. Diversity of programs 3. Cable TV has less advertisement and there are specific channels for different people. 4. Now-broadband, Galaxy Satellite Broadcasting 5. It is an advertisement of free-TV channel. Other advertisements can be found in some newspapers and magazines. 6. It should suit the need of different people, especially suit for each family member. Acquisition 1. I involved in making the decision and discuss with them. We considered if there were enough channels and if the price was reasonable. 2. We called the hotline. 3. It is fast and efficient. Consumption 1. It can meet my expectation because of its various programs. 2. Movie channels. I spent 5 hrs each week because I like watching movie. Besides, I like those sports channels and use about 2 hrs per week. 3. I don't like Channel 18 as I don't like horse racing. Also, I don't like entertainment channel (channel 12), as the TV series is too old. It doesn't have the new one. 4. I haven't used it and I hope it can solve my problem and respond immediately. 5. I am. Disposal 1. ...read more.


Arirang TV Arirang TV is a Korean channel providing quality infotainment programs such as drama, movie, news, children programs, etc. TV5 TV5 is a general interest channel from France focusing on news, drama series, films, documentary, entertainment programs, etc. Deutsche Welle-TV Deutsche Welle-TV is a channel from Germany providing updated news, documentaries, current affairs, sports highlights, etc. TVE TVE is a 24-hour Spanish channel providing news bulletins, documentaries, game-shows, movies, sports, music, children and educational programs etc Exhibit 3 (Packages of Cable TV) CABLE TV Service Charges CABLE TV Basic Package Basic Channels : STAR Sports, CABLE Sports, ESPN, News 1, News 2, Movie1, Movie 2, Movie 3, Children, Entertainment, Cable Entertainment News, Discovery Channel, TCM & Cartoon Network, BBC World, CNN, Channel 18, CNBC HONG KONG, Phoenix InfoNews,CCTV-4, National Geographic Channel, MTV, AXN, SUN TV, China Travel & Economic Channel, CCTV-9, Channel NewsAsia, ETTV Asia, Bloomberg , A1, Creation TV, Horizon Channel , Macao Cultural Channel, Super Soccer Channel and Preview. Monthly Fee: HK$298 Super Family Pack Movie 1, Children/Movie 2, Entertainment, Discovery, TCM & Cartoon Network, CCTV-4, Channel 18, MTV, SUN TV, AXN and Preview Pricing: Pay Per Month : HK $120 or 1-Year Prepayment : HK$1,280 Super Movie Pack Movie 1, Children/Movie 2, Movie 3, TCM & Cartoon Network, CCTV-4, HBO, AXN, Cinemax and Preview Pricing: Pay Per Month : HK $150 or 1-Year Prepayment : HK$1,620 Super News Pack News 1, News 2, Channel 18 and Preview Pricing: Pay Per Month : HK $160 or 1-Year Prepayment : HK$1,780 We-Wet Entertainment Pack ^ Channel A, Asia Plus, Fashion TV, JET TV and Preview Channel. Pricing: New Subscribers Pay Per Month Service Fee : HK$70/month Existing Subscribers Pay Per Month : For Basic Service Subscribers: HK$50/month For Non-Basic Service Subscribers : HK$70/month Prepay for 1 Year: For Basic Service Subscribers : HK$480 For Non-Basic Service Subscribers : HK$670 Discovery Mega Pack # @ (Pay-per-month) Discovery Channel, Discovery Travel & Adventure, Animal Planet, Discovery Health, Discovery Science, Discovery H&L and Preview Channel. ...read more.

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