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Copyright - Art and the Business of Recording

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Umaar Mirza Art and Business of Recording Assignment #2 5/2/2007 Chapter 9 & 10: Copyright There are some things that can make or break a person. A person's talent, his brainpower, the way he conducts business, how he presents himself to a person. But one thing that can be overlooked is the copyright. Copyright can cement someone's work as his own or can have someone else own the rights to the product entirely. This has been a concept that has been around for a while. Even during the Civil War with the Cotton Gin, everyone knew that Elie Whitney was the man who invented it, but he didn't seem to get all the money off of it, why is that? Because somebody else snatched the patent for it before him. For me I feel that copyright is something that should be negotiated before a song is recorded. If you write a song, or had any part in the composition then you should put your name down with a (c) ...read more.


(Hull, 224) A person with copyright can do anything with his song. For example if Yoko Ono decided to take John Lennon's Imagine and let Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears do a cover of it, they could because they have the full permission of the owner of the copyright. It would be a terrible cover for sure, but what can we do? Yoko Ono has all the say for the song. Speaking of Christina Aguilera, I am reminded of how people use Copyright, and song writing credits to raise popularity. Supposedly on Christina's new album she co-writes most of the songs, but recently she complained in an interview that she helped write some songs on her previous album but received zero credit because the record company would not let her. I don't know if it is just me but I think that a teen artist would receive more fame and money if she had the good pop hits and helped to write them. ...read more.


Of course many people like me are more then willing to download an album and listen to it, if I like it enough I'll go out and buy it, and if it's ok I'll burn myself a copy. But of course there are the small people, the ones who suffer the most. If a local band is playing, and they are living out of a van and selling their CDs for only five bucks a piece, that's money in their pockets, but what if they sold it to 20 people, and all 20 burnt five copies each for their friends, that's $100 that the band will never see. The copyright to many is just an annoying message that comes up when you first use your cd copier program for the first time saying that is unlawful, yada yada yada, free cd! Recently the government put a stop to record companies putting "anti-ripping" software the CDs that they release because it violates the 1992 Record Copying laws, so I think we'll be seeing this for some time now. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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