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'Cosmo Girl' Front Cover Analysis

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'Cosmo Girl' Front Cover Analysis The front cover of a magazine is very important because it is the first thing people see when they are thinking of buying a magazine. A first look at 'Cosmo Girl' and you can tell that it is a teenage girl magazine because of the colours and the central image. ...read more.


She looks simple but beautiful, the anchorage text suggest the she will be talking about her style and that is how it appeals to the readers as teenage girls tend to feel insecure about their image and style. Also she uses the direct mode of address, smiling into the readers' eyes as if trying to convince them to buy the magazine. ...read more.


The price and the bar code is placed in the top corner of the page for it to be seen. The magazine costs �2 which is affordable to every teenage girl. The theory developed by 'Blumler and Katz' suggests that people read the magazine to identify with characters and situation in order to learn more about themselves as it has true-life stories which everyone can relate to. Some people also read it to be entertained or for social interaction as it has articles about celebrities and stars. ...read more.

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