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Creating a Logo for a Magazine

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Identify Section Problem Members require some form of news feed for the new ever-growing Anime Section. This should also be able to buy or could be delivered as people have now given their addresses. Joe has set me the task of creating this feed and deciding how it is to be distributed. Objectives ? To create an easy read published Mini- Magazine ? Create a logo for the Magazine Possible Solutions The Solution I will use I will create a base template for the magazine and then create the magazine around this. Design will be a big piece, as it will have to be eye catching. It will be based around anime so will most probably contain many Japanese ideas. The Features I will need I will need to be able to Rotate font. Create Text Boxes, insert pictures, create backgrounds, and use many more features during this project. There fore the piece of software I use will have to contain these features Deciding I took this information back to Joe and he agreed with my ideas. He thought that carrying them on was worth it and that i could come up with more ideas along the way. ...read more.


18. This is Arial Black size 12. 19. This is Gigi size 12 . Out of these i think that the Brooklyn Kid font is the best but is very hard to use so i shall use many other dditions to it. Top Down Diagram This is a First design for the magazine. After looking at this Design Joe agreed with this and believed it to be a good layout for the magazine. He asked me to combine the pictures 1,2 and 3 to create one big picture and gave me some information on the first front-page article. Test Plan Criteria to test: Does it contain Pictures? Does it Contain Headlines? Does it contain articles? Does it Contain colours? Does Each Page Go On an A4 size paper? Can it be stapled together? Implementation Section Here is my first attempt at a letter My Second Attempt My Third and Final Attempt I did three Attempts at the Magazine each 1 attempting a new page. These three are pictured above and each of them I have altered slightly to go on to the next. In the End I decided that I would use all three and put them together as they all seem to show what I used. ...read more.


I need to work on the content I put into things like this, as I am not too good at making up things like that and keeping them together I seem to separate them. If I did the magazine again I would change quiet a few things. The first would be to try out some other things on the design. I would also go for a more Professional look instead of fun looking. Also I would include more information and other such things in there. Did I Meet The Objectives I set? The original Objectives I set where: ? To create an easy read publicised Mini- Magazine ?Create a logo for the Magazine Have I reached these? Well the first one, to create a magazine, has been the main focus of this piece and I believe I have made this objective perfectly. "To create a logo." This objective I decided not to cover in as much detail as I could. I thought it would be better as a sub-section to itself as it is not really a big piece of the coursework. I believe this piece was very successful as I covered the Objective well but the other one may have had a mention earlier about why they where not covered. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nik Topham 10R G.C.S.E Coursework ...read more.

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