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Creating a new system for my school using ICT.

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GCSE ICT COURSEWORK Identification Of Problem My school has many students who are planning for their future and their careers. Since the modern world of business is so competitive, it is important to know what the individual is most interested in and hope they can benefit from it the most, hence the salary. In this project I was given the specification 'to create a program which includes a look up system for St. Helens' sixth form girls'. This program should be made simple and trouble free so that it will not increase stress in an overly worked and tired student. This programme should help them to see how much the specific job earns, lifetime earning and the salary at the age of retirement. This should help the student decide what career she would like to pursue. My Objectives For This Project Are As Follows: * To make a look up programme that is easily accessible * To include the main jobs that the majority of the people look into * To have a list of codes for the jobs so the students can assess the information easily. * And to make it appealing to the students ANALYSIS OF PROBLEM To produce the look up programme I will need to use the following hardware and software: Hardware A Hewlett Packard printer - to print the project and the evidence and the process of making the programme. ...read more.


* To have a list of codes for the jobs so the students can assess the information easily. After finding and entering all the job titles into the look up table I entered the codes in which the students have to type in inorder to get the information about the job. I did this by using the initials of the job or using the first two letters of each words in the job. I.e., Arts Administrator:AA Costume Designer:COD * And to make it appealing to the students I did this by adding colour to the cells and using a different colour for the places to insert information so that the students know where to insert their information like their age and job codes. I also used big bold writing to make it clear for the person whose reading the programme to understand and this is also a benefit for the persons' eye as it does not strain the eyes. COMMENTS FROM THE STUDENTS: "The programme was easy to use as there was a list of codes for the jobs you wanted to search for and so it was very straightforward and i managed to find out the information that i set out to look for" - michelle. ...read more.


Different means of storage can be made from any materials such as plastics, textiles, wood and metal. Clearly the materials contribute to the style of the end product i.e., if the storage was made of wood than it could be made as a flat pack so that it can be assembled and the disassembled again so it can be simply portable. This also applies for the storage made out of textile material as it can be easily folded up and stored away if necessary (Fig. 12 and Fig. 15). Plastic is also a good storage material (Fig. 16), however, during my research I found that there were not that many plastic storages, although there were a lot of storage with plastic handles, doors etc. I also found that there are a considerable amount of storage units for confined space (such as airing cupboards), since there are many apartments and flats were there is a limited amount of space. As a result the storage can be made multifunctional. Fig. 11 shows a side of the room where all the things are neatly stored in a limited amount of space. This shows hat space can be used efficiently with the right means of storage. Another example of a good space for storing is a wardrobe, however with the right equipment a lot more can be stored in a certain amount of space as shown in fig. 12 ...read more.

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