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Creating an I.T. Related Web Site

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Documentation After carefully issuing a questionnaires to members of the school, and asking friends out of school to suggest a topic which they would like my partner and I to build a website on, we finally decided that the majority of the people who took part in the vote said that they would prefer it if we did a website related to I.T. As you are aware, I.T is a huge subject and it is hard to specifically decide what topic to build a website on which is to do with I.T. The idea of a website which was based on HTML, originated from the coursework which my class were doing at the current time. Our coursework needed us to build a website and most of the people in the group didn't really know what they had to do. ...read more.


Most of the HTML text came from textbooks and some websites came in help when we were building it. The main reason why we enjoyed it so much was because it was a new experience for us to build a website for a competition but more importantly, because we learnt much more from actually making the website then reading books and reading text on the internet. We started the competition with great enthusiasm and confidence that we were going to make a decent website which was going to be able to help the people we knew, but also people from all around the world who wanted to learn a little about HTML. It isn't a subject or a topic which is discussed in great detail in school, and most people want to be able to know what it is and why it was written. ...read more.


We tried to make an even balance so that it had some decent graphics on the website along with lots of information. The information was mainly inputted at weekends when we went round to each others houses. My partner designed the WebPages on paper first (This is because he is good at design technology and art) and then we tried our best to make the website to look like our primary designs. Unfortunately some of the webs pages did not load up to the internet properly, we think the reason for this is because the company who is hosting the website does not have the correct scripts enables which we wrote our web pages in to enable the features which we wanted. We have thoroughly enjoyed making the web site and hopes that the students and people who are wiling to learn about the internet and HTML will find the site interesting. ...read more.

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