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Critical Analysis of a scene from Chicken Run

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Critical Analysis of a scene from Chicken Run We analyzed 3 minutes of Chicken Run from the middle of the animation. Chicken Run is a model animation like Robby the Reindeer. The whole animation is built up on a war story film it resembles the Great Escape. The chicken hutches and fence are similar to the concentration camps. And the discipline enforced by Mrs. Tweedy resembles the stern soldiers in the war. The target audience would be for the younger generation but I also think that it would appeal to some adults as the humour in some parts is relevant to them. Like Robby the Reindeer Chicken run was filmed by moving the characters bit by bit to create movement. Although it was produced in the same way as Robby the Reindeer it is much more advanced, the attention to detail on Chicken Run is amazing. ...read more.


They use shadow a lot to create different moods again when Mrs. Tweedy is looking down at the chicken and the camera is looking up at her the shadow on her face makes her look more evil. When the camera is looking down at the chicken the shadow from Mrs. Tweedy covers the chicken making her look even smaller and scared. As I said before the background and setting is similar to that of the great escape. Chicken hutches and the fence remind me of the concentration camp. The only editing technique I picked up on was that when Mrs. Tweedy and the Chicken were looking at each other, the shots changed rapidly from one to the other. The music plays a big part in creating the mood for certain parts an example of this would be when Mrs. Tweedy comes through the gate the Jaws music is played this creates a tense mood, the music makes you think that she out for the kill. ...read more.


Mrs. Tweedys voice is quite masculine which suits her character because she is more of the man of the operation the one who is in control. Her voice is quite intimidating and without seeing her you could imagine her not looking that pretty. All the chickens have different accents and voices this make it more interesting than just having one type of voice for all of the chickens. The film makers have created Mrs. Tweedy as the evil character and Ginger as the good. They have created them by the way they act, look, speak and there intentions e.g. Ginger wants to free the chickens but Mrs. Tweedy wants to kill them. It's the original good verses bad. Overall I think Chicken run was a very clever animation that must have taken a long time to produce although it was better than Robby the Reindeer it wasn't as advanced as Shrek even though it took longer to make. After only watching 3 minutes I learnt plenty about the characters and the surroundings and the relationship between the characters. ...read more.

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