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Critical analysis of a sequence from

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Critical analysis of a sequence from "FANTASIA" All of the animation that was used in Fantasia was hand drawn. The scene that we are analysing is the first one right at the very beginning. This was when the elephants and hippos are floating on bubbles and then one of the hippos' lands on the floor on a bed, then the crocodiles come along. The way that each and every one of the slides was so smooth was because they used a technique which was very similar to ghosting that we now use on the computers except they traced each slide onto a piece of tracing paper as well as normal paper, they would then place each one on top of the other so that they would be able to see where all of the animations that they had already drawn were. The music that was used in the film was created before the animations were drawn. The piece is called "Dance of the Hours" and it is a ballet piece of music. In this animation there is no speaking involved it is all done based around the music and the expressions that the characters show. The target audience for this piece of drawn animation would most likely be for younger children as there are no words that are used therefore the child would be able to understand it easily and also it has soft and gentle music, with the animations of animals that they are able to recognise. ...read more.


But when the good crocodile comes along he also is in a circular spotlight to show us that he is good not evil. The shadows are again formed when they dance together and the shadows move along with the characters. The hippo is much more graceful and shy that the crocodiles. This is an example of oxymoron. This is because you would not usually associate a fat hippo to be all graceful and light on her feet doing ballet. These examples of what the hippo does do not fit together, for example pulling the tutu over her bum so that the crocodile does not see, this also makes her look innocent. The way that the hippo moves is elegant and slowly. The crocodile move more flat and he is standing upright at some times but then moves sly and low at other times. I think that he moves upright and tall to make himself look imperia, but then he goes low and slinky so that he does not frighten the hippo when he goes up to her and also so that she does not feel threatened by him. When the hippo wakes up they start to flirt with each other. The crocodile does this by putting his hand to his heart when he first sees her and then both the hippo and the crocodile flutter their eyelashes at each other. ...read more.


They want us to see how she feels and feel that same emotion as she does. When they are dancing they use long and very long shots to establish them dancing together and with each other. When the hippo jumps on the crocodile and then flattening him there is a good close up to show us this. This shows us both the expressions on the hippo and crocodile. There are some sound effects that are used during this animation. An example of this is when the bubble bursts when the hippo lands on the floor. This is a good use of SFX. In conclusion I think that all of the techniques that I mentioned are important. If I was to create my own short animation I think that I would consider the types of camera shots as the most important as they create the tension and how the certain character that the shot is of gets across to you. The type of shots that you would use depends on how you would like the character to be viewed. I did not realise that there was so much in this short sequence that I could analyse. The amount of different shots that are used is very high. The way that there is a contrast in the music for the crocodiles and hippo is also very effective and if this was not used I don't think that the animation would have had the effect that it does now. ...read more.

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