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Critical Analysis of the "The Daily Chronicle".

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Critical Analysis The masthead I have chosen is "The Daily Chronicle". When I saw the title, it caught my attention immediately I chose it because, I wanted it, to have the same striking effect on my reader that it had on me. In particular, the word "chronicle" looked futuristic. Though it's futuristic aspect has nothing to do with the article, I had liked it personally. On further analysis of the word, I found that it is a journal in which, events are logged into. A daily Chronicle is obviously, events regularly logged into a journal, and in the case of my newspaper, a journal updated every day. The font size is relatively large, to that of the rest of the newspaper, so that the name of the paper can be easily identified. I used an old calligraphic font, so as to make my newspaper look as though it was established a long time ago. The puffs that I had used were chosen randomly. I just picked the first few I saw in a web page. ...read more.


The main picture on the front-page would not usually be put on a newspaper, in the interest of its readers, because of its violent and explicit nature. I again, have chosen this picture because of a personal preference. You may begin to think that I have an "explosive" personality, because of my preference to violence. This may well be true, but not uncommon. My article was inspired by the Playstation 2 game, "Grand Theft Auto 3" and also all pictures are screenshots from the game. This game has become a No.1 bestseller because of its violent theme that involves the killing of people and other illegal stuff. Once again, I have only included picture captions, in the hope of making my paper look more professional, though in real newspapers, it is used to explain who and what is happening in the picture. Assuming that I was a reporter, I would hope that articles written by me, would appeal to me, would appeal to the general public and to be popular amongst regular readers. ...read more.


The experience I have gained from this article has led me to believe not to become a reporter, and has actually allowed my to fully appreciate the amount of work a reporter has to do, in even more time pressure than me. I then realised that some good has come out of the early deadlines that teachers set us, since this will help us cope in real life, "School is a preparation for life". Since I myself included many presentational devices in my article, I can fully understand the mechanics behind the presentational devices that professional writers use in newspapers. I also know what the particular presentational devices are implying to do to the reader. I have learnt a great deal from this piece of coursework from the differences between a tabloid and a broadsheet. Broadsheets will try to make things serious and states facts and statistics. Tabloids usually provide information for entertainment purposes and always try to look at the funny side of things. Tabloids are condensed and smaller than broadsheets so that it is more user friendly and portable. Antony Thambiah English Coursework ...read more.

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