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Critique for Esporta website.

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Critique for Esporta website. Layout The above pictures are two screen shots that I downloaded of the website www.esporta.com. The first picture is the front page of the website. This is very effective as a front page because the page using a colour contrast of bright orange and white attracts the person to keep reading through the website, where as the second screenshot is the introduction page to there website, is not as effective because it has not been thought out so much. You can tell this because when you look at the page you can see that it does not contain a lot of information or pictures. This is access after you have entered the website through the link "I'm not a member yet, lets have a look around". There is also flash animation package, which is a constant moving image/picture, on the both pages of the website. ...read more.


The idea of putting swimming photos and aerobics photos on the introduction page is a very effective and a very good idea because it gets the viewer interested and wants to find out what activities there are. This advertisement pops up when you click on "Im not a member" link. This would be closed immediately by the majority of the viewers, but it still increases the fact that Esporta can help you lose weight, hence the slogan "Drop a size for Christmas" On the left of the home page, where are many different links and pictures, shown below. The "find my nearest club" link, help you find your local Esporta club. This is actually a very clever idea because if you live close to a club, you are very likely to join. If you have decided to join Esporta because it looks 'fun' and you live near a club, you click on virtual tour to have a look what Esporta clubs look like. ...read more.


The language options are English, Spanish, Swedish and German. Suitability The suitability of the website is aimed at a particular age group; this is around 15 - 40. I can see this because only parts of the website look fun and interesting, this means that the mature teenagers and adults have to be bothered to look into the website and find out more details about it. I can also check this because on the readability statistic shown below is states that the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level is about 9.5. Readability is the quality of written language that makes it easy to read and understand. This means that the website is for year 10's or 11's. The main aim of this web site is to establish a means of communication with the readers and customers and to promote Esporta and inform you about themselves and what they have to offer certain people. Improvements: * Some spelling mistakes corrected. * Created Suitability Section, including audience identified, purpose implied, layout section extended and readability evidence. * Added annotation to screenshots. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andy Bonner Final Draft 07/05/2007 - 1 - ...read more.

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