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Cruel Intentions - Film Review

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Cruel Intentions Reviewed by Jamie quinn The film 'cruel Intentions', directed by John Hughes is a fast paced glimpse into the lives of the young new Yorkers whose entire existence revolves around power, sex and to some extent class A drugs. Hughes direction for the movie concentrates on those who prey on innocence and will stop at nothing to achieve their ambitions. The story focuses on Sebastian whose main intention in life is to sleep with and ruin the reputations of girls whom he labels "Manhattans insipid debutants". Using his charisma, charm and vast wealth he manipulates whichever woman he wants as easily as a 12 year old manipulates Tetris pieces on his game boy. Sebastian's raw good looks and style captures every room he enters not to mention the fact that he has no problem whatsoever wearing the threads of high quality Armarini outfits with such class prince William could take notes. Also his car gives a very high-class impression of him, as it is not common for someone who is still in high school to have such a rare, collectable and expensive car. ...read more.


the sweet virgin who takes pride in her purity. Sebastian is not only interested because of this, she also happens to be the daughter of the new headmaster at Manchester prep. She has moved to New York from Kansas to continue high school. Sebastian longs to seduce her as it would be his ultimate achievement and until now he has never failed to achieve his goal. When he tells Kathryn about this she doesn't think that even he can manage to sleep with her. Sebastian as confident as ever wants to prove her wrong and offers to place a bet on whether he can entice Annette in to bed, if Sebastian fails to do this he has to give his treasured 1956 Jaguar to Kathryn and if he successes he gets the one thing he could never have otherwise.... a chance to sleep with Kathryn. As Sebastian moves in on his "prey" he finds that, although his intentions to start with at first were deceitful, he is slowly falling in love with Annette. ...read more.


The drama starts when Sebastian inadvertently gets killed when he pushes Annette out the way of an oncoming car and gets hit by it himself. Sebastian's death comes quite unexpectedly as he has been the main focus of the story all the way through and just as he has fallen in love and lost the invisibility he had earlier, he dies. The movie then finishes on a much happier note as every one finds out what Kathryn is really like at Sebastian's funeral when his diary with all his plans, thoughts and schemes in is handed out just as Kathryn is making her speech. Which, yet again, is full of lies. Aside from a slightly happified ending, Cruel Intentions is an impressive movie. Solid dialogue, luscious characters that play their roles to a tee (perhaps with the exception of Witherspooon), great comic relief. I would recommend this movie for all those who have strong hearts or like to see a complex love story as it has all of the plotting and manipulation you could ask for but also in the end it has what turns out to be a heartbreaking love line. ...read more.

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